Ital delivers Exclusive ‘Shipibo Nature’ Live Album Mix

Few artists can say that have released 2 or 3 albums, let alone 7 massive full length features. Ital remains one of the hardest working guys in the psychedelic scene. His release schedule is non stop, how he finds time for this and running his imprint Antu Records, whilst touring the globe is just unfounded. Recently taken on by Expo Bookings for all South African bookings, we thought it was necessary to showcase his latest album in an exclusive Psymedia album Mix.


Antu Records presents the seventh album of the Chilean artist Ital, this time inspired by the Shipibo culture of the Amazon in Peru. After a wonderful psychedelic experience in the jungle with the Shipibo nature, the portals continue to open to connect us with the divinity, and expand that energy as a message of light to our universe. Nature and Shamanism surprises and teaches us that through the flow of cosmic energy, that we can channel and in turn deliver, we fulfill the energy cycle by materializing this reality. Shipibo Nature brings you original tracks, as well as great collaborations with Braincell (Switzerland), Spectra Sonics (Japan), Hypnocoustics (England), Ninesense (Usa) and Remixes to Labirinto (Brazil) and Tron (Mexico), all great friends and brothers from around the world. So through a mixture of energies and friendship from different corners in our globe, we can continue to raise energy as one love through the music.


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