Driven foremost by a passion for discovering new music; Matthew Deacon has built a treasure chest of audible gold and has been sharing these gems with dancefloors for over a decade now. A varying palate for sound led to the discovery of psychedelic techno in 2017 and prompted a rebrand under his namesake with a more focused sound. Hooked by the layers, depth, vast variety of sounds and intrinsic musical nature the genre presented led to the emergence of the soundscape we know as Deacon. As time progressed he started discovering more music, artists and labels representing these similar characteristics; at a higher tempo there was deep/dark progressive, a lighter side of Zenonesque, and slowing things down with a reinterpretation of downtempo, akin to pitched down techno. And whilst these can be considered three distinct genres, they all hold a similar energy; with deep basslines, organic elements and impeccable production, and Deacon enjoys navigating between them. Carefully selecting tracks to create an eccentric narrative tailored to the event and lineup with one purpose: to bridge division and bring connection through sound and movement.

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