DJ Janx also known as Janco van der Wateren, started Dj’ing, at the age of 16. He was born and raised in Strand, Western Cape, South Africa.

He was introduced to Psychedelic Trance at the age of 14, as most of his friends at that time listened to the genre of electronic music. He also went to his first psytrance party, Alien Safari Flying Circus, where he watched local pioneering DJs & producers, such as Archive and Delirient, after that party, he knew he wanted to pursue dj’ing further.

He then also got more interested in the local psytrance festival scene, where he started working at festivals, in multiple different areas. With doing that as well, and being involved, he even fell more in love with psytrance and the local scene. He was also guided by great local dj’s, friends and organisers who has given him advice which helped him over the years to get him where he is today. And its all thanks to Archive (Lyle Jensen), Lester The Jester (Lester Pywell), Phixius (Anthony Elsey), Positive (Mark Norman), Strain (Rahil Mahilde), Warren Booysen and Jeff Van Schoor.

Janx always tries to put as much variety of different artists and tracks in his sets that it always brings a psychedelic journey. He is also capable of playing in different types of sub-genre psychedelic trance. Ranging from psychedelic progressive trance to fullon psychedelic trance . No matter, the time of day. He has also played at big festivals in South Africa, such as Organik, Alien Safari and Vortex Parallel Universe. He has played between top South African psy djs and producers such as Geometric Flux, Archive, DJ Mark, Brontide, Rubix Qube, Josh Mac, Dynamic Range, Dranged, Switchcache and Sonic.

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