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Mekkannika from United Beats Recs – Exclusive Interview

Swiss artist Mekkanikka is back in South Africa, returning for two outdoor festival appearances. His first performance will take place at Twilight Open Air Festival V6.0 in Johannesburg, followed by the {psy.ology} Festival debut in Cape Town.

hypnoise 1

Hypnoise (ESP) – Exclusive Interview

Hypnoise started out as a duo and is now run exclusively by Madrid-based, Spanish producer Juan Fontoira. Earlier this year, Hyponoise released the sophomore album Dancing Among The Spirits on Sacred Technology. More recently, Hypnoise performed at Boom Festival 2018 in Portugal.


DJ Bernz (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Bernz is Bernard Eppenberger, an eclectic DJ and producer hailing from Cape Town. His introduction to Psytrance occurred before the millennium, which lead to his first belt-drive turntable and vinyl collection

mr suit

Mr. Suit from Blue Tunes – Exclusive Interview

Mr. Suit is the solo alias of Maor Bargig, also known as Echo Logic. Both projects will grace Cape Town’s dance floor for first time at Rezonance NYE Festival 2013-2014. Mr. Suit will also return later in the year for Alien Safari Sprung 2014.


Tron from Zero1/Free Spirit/Sounds of Earth – Exclusive Interview

Tron is the solo project of Mexican Patricio Tron. He’s been an avid partaker and performer in the psychedelic scene for 15 years, reaching the top of the international touring circuit thanks to his solid productions. Tron’s no stranger to collaborations with some of the best, working alongside the likes of Aphid Mood, Dickster, Journey, Earthling and most recently our very own Commercial Hippies on a track entitled Anti Heros.


Interactive Noise from Mexico – Exclusive Interview

Since his first track at the end of 2008, and debut album Rewire following two years later on Spin Twist Records, Interative Noise has become prominent in the scene with his blend of Progressive and Techno.

glitch psytrance

Glitch from South Africa – Exclusive Interview

From humble beginnings in 2008, Dash has built up a reputation in the local scene for his crisp night time beats, seamlessly blending a broad number of genres. His dedication to constantly reworking and refining his sound has lead to Glitch picking up a number of high-profile gigs this year including the upcoming Rezonance NYE Festival 2013-2014.


Tune Raider – Exclusive Interview

Tune Raider is the psytrance DJ project of Pamm Legg. She has been rocking South Africa’s dance floor for over 15 years and is considered to be one of the top female performers in the country, including performances abroad in Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, London and more.

loud full band

Loud from Nano Records – Exclusive Interview

Loud is the LIVE duo act of Eitan Reiter and Kobi Toledano, currently signed to Nano Records. They have been producing high quality and original electonic music together since 2006