Artist Interviews

Explore exclusive psytrance artist interviews for a glimpse into the minds behind the beats. Uncover the magic of psychedelic music with captivating behind-the-scenes stories.


D-Nox (GER) – Exclusive Interview

German born artist Christian Wedekind (D-Nox) is a veteran in the electronic music industry. Regularly performing alongside partner Beckers, the duo are known for the fusion elements.

Phaxe (DNK) – Exclusive Interview

Danish producer Kevin Josefsen found his feet in the scene as Phaxe 15 years ago and now sits with highly acclaimed live sets all around the world, applauded releases, and remixes for some of the scene’s biggest names to his resume.

Avalon from Nano Records – Exclusive Interview

In the heartbeat of London’s pulsating music scene, Avalon emerges as the sorcerer of psytrance, a.k.a. Leon Kane, signed proudly under the illustrious Nano Records label. His musical alchemy blends full-on, melodic, and driving beats, conjuring an otherworldly auditory experience that captivates and enchants.

Evil Oil Man

Evil Oil Man – Exclusive Interview

In anticipation of his forthcoming South African tour, which notably includes a performance at Organik – Gaian Dream near Cape Town, we dive into the multifaceted world of Evil Oil Man. From his instrumental roots playing guitars with his older brother to the sonic landscapes of psytrance, Matthew Swain’s musical


Berg from Israel – Exclusive Interview

During Shlomi’s time releasing under his solo alias Berg, he has been consolidating his own style based on the desire to mix different sounds that brought inspiration, being able to take it to a new level which gave him the opportunity to collaborate with different artists and release on labels


Mekkannika from United Beats Recs – Exclusive Interview

Swiss artist Mekkanikka is back in South Africa, returning for two outdoor festival appearances. His first performance will take place at Twilight Open Air Festival V6.0 in Johannesburg, followed by the {psy.ology} Festival debut in Cape Town.

hypnoise 1

Hypnoise (ESP) – Exclusive Interview

Hypnoise started out as a duo and is now run exclusively by Madrid-based, Spanish producer Juan Fontoira. Earlier this year, Hyponoise released the sophomore album Dancing Among The Spirits on Sacred Technology. More recently, Hypnoise performed at Boom Festival 2018 in Portugal.

DJ Bernz (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Bernz is Bernard Eppenberger, an eclectic DJ and producer hailing from Cape Town. His introduction to Psytrance occurred before the millennium, which lead to his first belt-drive turntable and vinyl collection