Back To Mars

Back to Mars, also known as Marcia Larroid Ghisi, was originally from Brazil with Italian roots. She relocated to Europe in the late 90s and became part of the ELF community in Holland, where she was first introduced to Psytrance music. Starting her DJ career in 2001, she made her debut performance at the 9Lives of Hofmann parties in Amsterdam. Over the years, she gained international recognition, playing at major festivals such as Boom Festival and Universo Paralello.

Born on September 19, 1969, Marcia has a background in classical and modern dance, making her a notable figure in the dance music scene. Her musical taste has evolved over time, now favoring styles like Forest, Dark Psy, and Dark Prog. She’s affiliated with labels such as Sangoma Records, Electric Power Pole Records, and Indali Records, showcasing her versatile taste across various styles and BPM ranges. Besides her musical journey, Marcia is a writer, contributing to various publications like “The Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy” and “Psytraveller”.

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