Dan Scot

Dan Scot

From a young age, DAN SCOT has had a passion for the electronic outdoor scene – specifically Psychedelic Trance. His musical journey began 14 years ago with techno on turntables and finally finding his love for psytrance all the while being nurtured into what is the Dan Scot sound today.

Countless sets over the years influenced by his peers and the massive trance community, has blasted his sound into a much more rolling punch ranging from daytime through to mind-bending Nighttime Fullon Psychedelia.

Dan started his outdoor career by being signed to Beartraps sister production “THE COLLECTIVE” who where responsible for a string of successful outdoor events such as, Paradise Beach and Imagine headlining some of the scene’s most loved artists in its time such as Morten Granau, Tezla, 4i20, Mandragora, Blastoyz and Berg to name a few. Fast forward a few years with his sound constantly changing and evolving finding his way through labels such as NBM, Kaos Krew and nexus Media, Dan sticks to his guns in keeping his sets fresh and innovative, he now finds himself recently been signed to Cape Town label “PsynOpticz Records” where he is joined by label owner “SwiTcHaChe” and a string of local and international dj’s and producers from around the world!

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