If you’re an avid fan of psychedelic trance you might not second guess hopping on a plane to visit several psytrance festivals ranging from the intimate to the monstrous.

Jaw-dropping decor, next-level backdrops, well-crafted lineups, perfect weather, old and new friends – there are many reasons why one would want to party abroad!

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite psytrance festivals around the world.

Origin Festival

Where: Cape Town, South Africa
When: January/February Annually
Watch: Origin Festival 2017 Video

The first major festival of the year taking place at the tip of Africa, presented by the people of Nano Records and Good Time Events. Origin Festival boasts two dance floors (psytrance, techno, house, ambient) and a wide variety of visionary arts over two nights and three days. Cape Town & the Western cape is a beautiful place too, so the venue is gorgeous!

Origin Festival, South Africa

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Where: Victoria, Australia
When: January Annually
Watch: Rainbow Serpent 2016 Aftermovie

The Ozzie doof falls over Australia Day long weekend and features a variety of electronic music, art installations, workshops and attractions. Did you know, in Australia there are more kangaroos than people?
Rainbow Serpent Festival, Australia

Hill Top Festival

Where: Goa, India
When: February Annually
Watch: Hill Top Festival 2016 Aftermovie

The Indian psychedelic scene is thriving and Hill Top has been in the mix for 5 years. Party on the beaches of Goa to some hard psychedelic trance. Did you know, Goa has over 7000 bars?

Hill Top Festival, Goa

Earth Frequency Festival

Where: Queensland, Australia
When: February
Watch: Earth Frequency Festival 2015 Memories

Combining elements of ‘transformational festival, tribal gathering, doof and boutique festival’, Earth Frequency turned 10 in 2015. Earth Frequency Festival is held each year at Ivory’s Rock Conventions and Events, Peak Crossing. Ivory’s Rock is a beautiful outdoor venue with top notch facilities, comfortable campgrounds, and it is conveniently located under an hour from Brisbane and just 20 minutes from Ipswich.
Earth Frequency, Australia

Parvati Peaking Festival

Where: Parvati Valley, India
When: March Annually
Watch: Parvati Peaking 2014 Video

Situated in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Parvati Peaking takes place up in the hills of Parvati Valley. The small Indian festival has grown steadily over the last 3 years.  Goa’s Psytrance history dates back to the late 1980’s, one of the oldest psychedelic scenes in the world.

Maitreya Festival

Where: Victoria, Australia
When: March Annually
Watch: Maitreya Festival 2015 Video

Maitreya has been in the Australian doof scene for more than ten years. The festival has faced some obstacles, with the 2016 event not taking place, but other events have reached almost 10 000.

Maitreya Festival, Australia

Doof Festival

Where: Israel
When: April Annually
Watch: Doof Festival 2014 Video

The Doof Project was born back as an underground party organization in 1996 with the formation of their label, Doof Records, coming later in 2002. Now veterans of the scene, the Doof Festival has taken place since 2004 and from their early 1 day parties it has grown to 3 days and 4 nights. Did you know, Israel is only about 20,000 km²?

Doof Festival, Israel

Festival Ometeotl

Where: Mexico
When: April Annually
Watch: Official Festival Ometeotl 2015 Video

Mexico, the land where chocolate, chillies and corn where discovered! Named after Aztec gods Ometecuhtli and Omecihua, Ometeotl looks like a great psychedelic festival in a field of grass, hosting thousands of Mexicans and international guests. Have a tequila for us!

Festival Ometeotl, Mexico

Shivaneris Easter Festival

Where: Brazil
When: Over Easter Annually
Watch: Shivaneris Easter Festival 2015

Ah, Brazil, the largest country in South America. The multi-stage Easter festival hosts 1000 attendees on a sunny remote location.

Shivaneris Easter, Brazil

Respect Festival

Where: Brazil
When: May Annually
Watch: Respect Festival 2016 Aftermovie

Respect has helped shaped the psychedelic scene in Brazil for 10 years with over 18 parties during that time. Did you know, Brazil supplies around 1/3rd of the world’s coffee?

Respect Festival, Brazil

Burning Mountain Festival

Where: Switzerland
When: June Annually
Watch: Burning Mountain Festival 2016 Official Video

The unique location lies in the Engadin Valley of the Swiss Alps, one of the highest inhabited valleys of Europe, home to 1000 people.

Tree of Life Festival

Where: Greece
When: June/July Annually
Watch: U-Recken at Tree of Life 2015

The festival is organised by an Israeli team, previously hosted in Turkey. The event has now moved to the beaches of Greece.

Tree of Life, Turkey

Midnight Sun Festival

Where: Norway
When: June/July Annually
Watch: Midnight Sun 2014 Video

The Norweigian festival takes place on the Arctic Island of Værøy in Lofoten, which features almost endless daylight during that time of the year.

Midnight Sun Festival 2014

Shankra Festival

Where: Switzerland
When: June/July Annually
Watch: Shankra Festival – Spirit of the Dancefloor

An incredible setting in Lostallo (Graubunden) featuring monstrous mountains covered in snow and trees. Did you know, Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world?

Noisily Festival

Where: UK
When: July Annually
Read: Interview with DJ Ipcress
Watch: Noisily Festival 2015 Video

Noisily takes place in the heart of rural England and is a growing party, taking place of the gap left by Glade Festival.

Noisily Festival, UK

Antaris Projekt

Where: Germany
When: July Annually
Watch: Antaris Projekt 2016 Aftermovie

Celebrating 21 years, Antaris Projekt (Against War! For Friendship, Peace and Freedom) is one of the earlier parties in the [German] season and is known to be a welcoming environment for the whole family and foreign visitors. Did you know, Germany is Europe’s second largest beer drinking country!

Freqs of Nature

Where: Germany
When: July Annually
Watch: Freqs of Nature 2015 Video

Formed by ex-Full Moon crew, Freqs has billed themselves a ‘experimental arts and music’ festival. Although not strictly a trance festival, this will definitely provide a different experience from the other German festivals.
Freqs of Nature

One Love Festival

Where: Switzerland
When: July Annually
July: Read One Love Festival 2014 Review
Watch: One Love Festival 2016 Video

Newcomer One Love takes place in the Swiss Alps, near the town of Filisur. Our reviewer, Troy, described the venue as a ‘timber mill plant next to an ice like clear river’.

S.U.N Festival

Where: Hungary
When: July Annually
Watch: S.U.N Festival 2015 Atermovie

The first edition of the young S.U.N (Solar United Natives) Festival took place in 2013 after a number of the Ozora team decided to split up. Did you know, Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe!

SUN Festival, Hungary

Summer Never Ends Festival

Where: Switzerland
When: July/August Annually
Watch: Summer Never Ends Video
Watch: Ace Ventura & Vini Vici – The Calling at Summer Never Ends Festival

The idea was sparked a decade ago – a psychedelic wonderland featuring four dance floors, an art exhibition, various workshops and more. 10 000 people partying in the Swiss Alps. 

Eclipse Festival

Where: Canada
When: July/August Biennially

The weekend-long festival is held in Quebec, Canada every second year. The first outdoor edition of the party was in 2003. Did you know, Canada is the largest consumer of mac n cheese? They love that stuff.

Eclipse Festival

Groove Attack / Solaris Project parties

Where: Israel
When: Different Dates Throughout The Year
Watch: Neverland Festival 2016 Aftermovie

Groove Attack celebrated its 4th year of its signature Neverland Festival, Solaris Project’s has numerous parties throughout the year and their joint Atmosphere Festival are all worth checking out if you’re ever in the Middle East.

Neverland Festival, Israel

Unity Festival

Where: Israel
When: Different Dates Throughout The Year
Watch: Unity Trilogy Festival 2015 Video

The Dead Sea is known to be the lowest point in the world and features extremely salty water you can float on. Sounds like a great place to a pack a couple thousand trance lovers, right?

UNITY Festival, Israel

Lost Theory Festival

Where: Croatia
When: August Annually
Watch: Lost Theory Festival 2016 Video

Lost Theory Festival has taken place in Deringaj, nearby Gracac, for the last 3 years. Given that Croatia has become a hot place for tourists to visit, it’s no surprise even the psytrance and high-tech lovers come to fill up the 5 different dance floors at Lost Theory.

Lost Theory Festival

Momento Demento (MoDem) Festival

Where: Croatia
When: August Annually
Watch: MoDem Festival 2014 Video
Watch: MoDem Festival 2016 3D Mapping

Momento Demento or Mo:dem Festival takes place near the town of Slunj. The festival is a week long dedicated to ecology, with the venue featuring much of Croatia’s natural eye-candy including 18th century windmills and waterfalls.

Modem Festival

Hadra Trance Festival

Where: France
When: August Annually

Hadra was started in 2001 by a small group of electronic music lovers. In 2017 Hadra Trance Festival celebrated it’s 10th edition. The French festivals draws a crowd from throughout Europe and attendance numbers top over 10 000 people.

Free Earth Festival

Where: Greece
When: August Annually
Watch: Free Earth Festival 2016 Aftermovie

Although the Greek festival skipped 2015, Free Earth will return in 2016 on a new beach looking to top their 1200 attendees in 2014. Did you know, Greece is the sunniest country in Europe?

Free Earth Festival, Greece

Ozora Festival

Where: Hungary
When: August Annually
Read: Ozora Festival 2015 Review
LOUD live at Ozora Festival 2015
Watch: Ozora Festival 2016 Official Video
Watch: Alpha Portal (Astrix + Ace Ventura) live at Ozora Festival 2016

Ozora is a village in Tolna County, Hungary. But it also happens to be the name and location of the decade old festival O.Z.O.R.A. The Hungarian festival  is no doubt on any avid psychedelic travelers bucketlist alongside the biennial Boom Festival.

Psy-Fi Festival

Where: Netherlands
When: August Annually
Watch: Psy-Fi Festival 2016 Official Video

A unique playground of several beaches and islands that host numerous stages and two different camping sites (in the forest or by the lakeside), it’s hard to give this one a miss if you’re in Europe. Plus, the thought of hitting some Amsterdam coffee shops afterwards tickles our fancy!

Freedom Festival

Where: Portugal
When: August Annually
Watch: Freedom Festival 2015 Video

In 2015 Freedom Festival celebrated its 10 year anniversary, alternating with Boom’s year. Although Freedom Festival is not as popular as Boom Festival, it still draws crowds of up to 45 000.

Freedom Festival, Portugal

Boom Festival

Where: Portugal
When: August Biennially
Read: Boom Festival 2014 Review
A Boom Experience (Boom Festival 2014) Video
Video: Flying a drone over Boom Festival

Boom Festival is considered the ‘holy grail’ of psychedelic trance parties. Since 1997, the biennial festival takes place in Portugal, featuring musical performances across five stages, lectures, films, workshops and several visual art exhibitions. The main Dance Temple on its own supports a crowd of 15 000 people, with the whole  psychedelic lovers from across the globe.

Boom Festival, Feature Image

VuuV Festival

Where: Germany
When: August Annually
Watch: VuuV Festival 2014 Video

VuuV Festival (fomerly VooV) is one of the oldest and biggest of the German parties dating back to 1992, with attendance numbers ranging from 10 to 20 thousand. After a slight break from the scene, the annual festival returned in 2014.

Alien Safari Sprung

Where: Cape Town, South Africa
When: September Annually
Watch: Alien Safari Sprung 2013 video

Alien Safari is one of South Africa’s oldest promoters, with over 25 years of experience. Their annual event, Alien Safari Sprung, takes place in September, at the start of the outdoor season (when the months are warmer in Cape Town). This event takes place on a stunning beach nearby Cape Town, providing the perfect landscape for an outdoor. Their other event, Alien Safari Masqued Ball, is just as good.

Indian Spirit Festival

Where: Germany
When: September Annually
Watch: Indian Spirit 2015 Official Aftermovie

Indian Spirit Festival started out as a small party in 2007 and has grown strong in recent years. Indian Spirit is held at the start of September, much later than the other German parties listed.

Indian Spirit Festival, Germany

Mandallah Festival

Where: Brazil
When: September Annually
Watch: Mandallah Festival Video

The 10 year old South American party takes place in Andradas, known as Land of Wine. A relatively small party, Mandallah has become well known for their laid back environment.

Mandallah Festival, Brazil

Insomnia Festival

Where: Portugal
When: September Annually
Watch: Insomnia Festival 2016 Official Aftermovie

The 3 year old party takes place in a forest near the capital of Lisbon. Did you know, the Portuguese are responsible for inventing the Piri Piri Sauce?

Insomnia Festival, Portugal

Earthcore Festival

Where: Victoria, Australia
When: November annually
Watch: BLiSS at Earthcore 2016

Australian bush doof Earthcore has hosted numerous outdoor festivals, weekly club nights, warehouse parties and raves over the years. In 2008 Earthcore went on hiatus and returned in 2013 for their 20 year anniversary.

Earthcore, Australia

Vortex Open Source

Where: Cape Town, South Africa
When: December Annually
Watch: Vortex Open Source 2016 Video

The 4 night, 5 day festival takes place in the mystical land of Riviersonderend. Expect some long journey sets from old school legends local and international legends amongst a very natural, forest setting.

Vortex Open Source, South Africa

Universo Paralello Festival

Where: Brazil
When: Over New Years Annually
Watch: Universo Paralello 13 Video

The largest psychedelic festival in Brazil, Universo Paralello is an incredible way to spend New Years on Pratigi Beach.

Universo Paralello, Brazil

The Experience Festival

Where: Thailand
When: Over NYE
Watch: Experience Festival 2017 Aftermovie

Situated on the island of Ko Tao in Thailand, Experience Festival is hosted in an known for and snorkeling, as well as hiking, rock climbing and bouldering. Did you know, Bangkok is the world’s most visited city?

Experience Festival, Thailand

Rezonance NYE Festival

Where: Cape Town, South Africa
When: Over New Years Annually
Watch: Rezonance NYE Festival setup

Arguably the biggest New Years Eve Festival in South Africa with over 10 000 attendees, Rezonance boasts numerous dance floors with a psytrance-heavy lineup. Plus, December is a great time to visit sunny Cape Town!