Captain Hook

Captain Hook, whose real name is Reshef Harari, is a distinguished figure in the realm of Psychedelic & Progressive Trance. Originating from Israel, Reshef’s passion for music sparked at the age of 15, inspired by the experimental sounds and influences of his brother Rahav and Psytrance pioneer, Asher Haviv.

He began his musical odyssey as a vinyl DJ, embracing the energy of live audiences and gradually immersing himself deeper into the world of Trance. Throughout his career, Captain Hook collaborated on projects like Quantize, produced music as Sheff, and eventually established a strong global presence under his Captain Hook alias.

Captain Hook’s discography is extensive, with several successful albums under Iboga Records. His 2018 album, “Origin”, stands out as a testament to his evolving style, merging both modern and vintage Trance influences.

His footprint in the Trance scene is not limited to production alone. Captain Hook has enthralled audiences at prestigious global events such as Universo Paralello, Burning Man, Ozora, and Rainbow Serpent, solidifying his legacy in the Psychedelic & Progressive Trance domain.

With an unyielding passion and commitment to his craft, Captain Hook’s journey continues to shape and define the genre.

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