Alien Art

Prepare to venture beyond the ordinary as two visionary sonic architects, Ace Ventura and Captain Hook, join forces to birth the captivating music project – Alien Art.

Debuting amidst awe and wonder at the revered Ozora Festival in 2023, Alien Art immediately asserted its cosmic presence. Seamlessly fusing elements of psytrance and Goa, their performance left the audience entranced, blurring the lines between reality and the ethereal.

As the cosmic frequencies they conjured resonated through eager ears, the dance floor transformed into an otherworldly realm, a testament to their boundless creative synergy. This mesmerizing debut was merely a prelude to their eagerly anticipated first album, poised for release in 2024.

With the promise of delving even deeper into unexplored auditory dimensions, Alien Art’s debut album is primed to redefine sonic exploration. The enigmatic collaboration of Ace Ventura and Captain Hook ensures an evolution of electronic music that challenges norms and transports listeners to realms uncharted.

Alien Art beckons all to join them on a voyage through cosmic soundscapes, an invitation to embrace the extraordinary and redefine artistic frontiers. As the universe awaits their forthcoming opus, one thing is certain: Alien Art is a cosmic force destined to leave an indelible mark on the musical cosmos.

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