Bizzare Contact

Bizzare Contact is an esteemed Psy-Trance act originating from Dimona, Israel, currently represented solely by Didi Ezra.

Didi began his musical expedition at a tender age, delving into Psychedelic music production at just 13 years old. He later became a pivotal part of the Com.pact Crew in 2004. The global music scene took notice of Bizzare Contact with the launch of their debut album “Plastic Fantastic” in April 2004. This album gained substantial international appreciation, earning Didi the opportunity to perform across various international platforms.

In addition to his work with Bizzare Contact, Didi has also engaged in collaborations with DJ Bog, forming the project “Visual Contact”. Their tracks, including standouts like “Runaway” and “La La Land”, have garnered significant attention.

Gady Ezra officially collaborated with Didi in Bizzare Contact, joining in 2010. Together, they worked towards their second album. However, the current act is represented only by Didi Ezra.

Their association with Com.Pact Records has been noteworthy. Apart from their albums, Bizzare Contact’s tracks are a recurrent feature in mix compilations. Their music has resonated across various major global festivals, cementing their place in the Psy-Trance community.

While there was an initial association with Kfir Lankry, he currently performs under the alias Phanatic. Moreover, Bizzare Contact has ties to acts like Bizzare Tribe and Royal Flush. With albums released in both 2004 and 2005, they continue to be a significant presence on various compilations.

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