Tomasz Balicki, popularly known as Atmos, is a distinguished figure in the realm of progressive and psychedelic trance music. Born on July 16, 1973, in Poland, he later moved to Sweden and has since gained prominence in the global trance scene from his base in Malmö.

Atmos’s love affair with music began in the early 1970s when he discovered television soundtracks. Such early inspirations would form the foundation of his musical journey. His interest further diversified due to the influence of electronic and ambient-rock artists like JM Jarre and Pink Floyd, which later played a significant role in crafting his unique sound.

Starting his journey in music as a bedroom DJ, Tomasz transitioned into producing music and released his first single in 1996 on EVE records. This debut helped him gain both confidence and early success. He achieved widespread fame in the late 1990s with hit tracks like “The Only Process” and “Klein Aber Doctor.” The latter track, in particular, challenged existing norms and played a crucial role in the transformation of the Goa Trance scene.

Atmos was pivotal in introducing minimal and progressive psytrance around the turn of the millennium, alongside fellow Swedish producers such as Noma, Vibrasphere, and Human Blue. His music is recognized for its unique combination of pulsating beats, deep basslines, subtle melodies, and atmospheric sounds. Some of his standout albums include “Headcleaner,” “2nd Brigade,” and the 2008 release “Tour de Trance” on Spiral Trax. To date, Atmos has released six albums and countless singles, receiving worldwide acclaim.

In his career spanning over two decades, Tomasz has toured extensively, captivating audiences globally with his rhythmic programming and a fusion of strings. His performances are known for delivering a groovy, well-produced sound that resonates with both DJs and enthusiasts. Adding another feather to his cap, in 2013, he established his label “Atmotech Recordings” to further promote his distinct sound and other artists.

Outside of his primary moniker, Atmos, Tomasz Balicki has several other aliases under which he has released music. Some of these include Atmotech, Congovox, Dominic Thomas, and The Mato Project.

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