Festivals in Australia

Although the coronavirus pandemic put a standstill to festivals in Australia, many have returned since infections numbers have died down. For 2021, it looks like a number of bush doofs will take place as scheduled including Earth Frequency, Rabbit Eats Lettuce and Bohemian Beatfreaks.

Australia Festival Calendar

Australia Travel FAQ

Australia is one of the most remote countries in the world for many, yet is still one of the most popular tourist destinations. It features natural wonders and beautiful beaches, the Outback and more recently ‘bush doof’ parties!

Australia is one of the world’s most highly urbanised countries; it is well known for the attractions of its large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

The psytrance/bush doof scene in Australia is growing quickly, attracting visitors from around the world. Festivals like earthcore, Rainbow Serpent Festival and Earth Frequency Festival have all played an important role

Australia is roughly the same size as the USA, with different climates across the country. More recently, Australia has faced raging fires and torrential downpour. From September to November the weather is good, just before bush doof season is in full swing. The warmest months in Australia are from December to February, with temperatures reaching 45°C all over the southern coastal areas. However, the recent fires have put bush doofs at risk.
The main language of Australia is English.
Australian Dollar (AUD)
To visit Australia, South African passport holders will apply for a visitor visa (called “subclass 600”) which allows for leisure within the country. Visitors European Union and a number of other European countries can apply for an eVisitor application online and are free of charge.
230V 50Hz Electricity. Outlets are Australian Type L Plug. A Universal Travel Adaptor is recommended for convenience.
The largest airport is Sydney Airport, however Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport or Perth Airport are all sizable depending on where you are travelling to.