Shane Renew, better known in the psytrance circles as Deliriant, hails from the lively environs of Cape Town, South Africa. His journey in music commenced early, with piano lessons at the age of six, and by his teenage years, he was already finding his rhythm as a DJ.

Evolving in Cape Town’s thriving psytrance community, Renew’s first interactions with the genre were shaped by legends like Infected Mushroom. His participation in Alien Safari events, a hotspot for psytrance aficionados, further nurtured his love for the genre. To hone his skills, Renew immersed himself in sound engineering studies, setting his path into music production. Starting with software like Reason, he soon migrated to Cubase, with the Virus TI analog synthesizer becoming a cornerstone of his studio.

Although Deliriant’s essence is firmly anchored in psytrance, Renew’s musical vistas are expansive. His other avatar, Deadbeat FM, is a testament to his versatility, seamlessly blending underground techno tracks with psy-tech elements. This musical duality has garnered him accolades, such as winning a remix challenge set by D-Nox & Beckers.

With a discography boasting three albums, myriad singles across local and global labels, and an illustrious career in studio engineering, Deliriant’s imprint on the psytrance terrain is undeniable. His musical repertoire, brimming with driving beats, evocative melodies, techno nuances, and atmospheric depth, has resonated not just within South Africa, but on global festival stages.

One of the pivotal experiences shaping Renew’s journey was his tryst with the Boom Festival. Welcoming a diverse audience of approximately 40,000, the festival made an indelible impression on Deliriant, propelling him to craft authentic psychedelic tracks. “Boom Balloon” stands as a sonic tribute to this festival, encapsulating its vibrant spirit.

Adding another dimension to Renew’s musical prowess is his collaborative project “Miles from Mars” alongside Max Kibble. This duo has ignited stages with their electric performances, with a notable appearance at the Ozora Festival in 2023, showcasing their unparalleled energy and synergy.

Beyond just churning out tracks, Deliriant also champions the growth of upcoming psytrance talents. Collaborating with rising stars such as Portal, Double Story/Hippie Mafia, Aptitude, and Obelix, he underscores the significance of fostering fresh talent for the collective advancement of the scene.

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