Free Earth Festival 2024

Free Earth Festival

Free Earth Festival 2024 is a five-day celebration of music and nature taking place in North Greece. The festival boasts a strong psychedelic lineup, showcasing some of the best in psytrance, hi-tech, and goa music. Surrounded by a lush green area, a long beach, and crystal-clear waters, festival-goers will be treated to the full beauty of Greece. The closest airport to the festival grounds is Thessaloniki Airport (SKG).

This year’s festival promises to be an unforgettable experience, with a diverse lineup of musical acts to enjoy over the course of five days. The focus on psychedelic music will provide a unique and exciting atmosphere for festival-goers, offering a chance to lose themselves in the sounds of psytrance, hi-tech, and goa. In addition to the music, festival-goers will have ample opportunity to relax and explore the stunning surroundings. Whether you’re a fan of music, nature, or both, Free Earth Festival 2024 is the perfect destination for a truly unique and enriching experience. So mark your calendars for five days of psychedelic music and adventure in the heart of Greece!