6 Best Psychedelic Clothing Brands For Festival Fashion

Explore top psychedelic fashion brands for festival vibes. From Plazmalab's creativity to Space Tribe's Goa-inspired styles, find your unique festival look.

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If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the age-old question, “What to wear to psytrance festivals?” fear not, fellow festival-goer! The beauty of these vibrant gatherings lies in their acceptance of diversity and individuality.

In the psychedelic realm, there’s no dress code, and judgment is left at the festival entrance. You can essentially wear whatever resonates with your unique style and spirit.

However, for those who revel in expressing their love for psychedelic fashion, we’ve curated a list of some mind-bendingly fantastic clothing brands that will fully immerse you into the psychedelic culture!


Plazmalab, a collective of dreamers hailing from Israel, embarks on a creative journey that spans over two decades. What sets Plazmalab apart is their “creative house” ethos, extending their art beyond clothing to walls, wooden constructions, and more.

I’ve also had the pleasure of browsing through some of their collection in-person at festivals like Boom Festival and Modem Festival. They also have physical stores in Israel, Berlin, Zurich, Munich and more.

This brand is a lot more neutral when it comes to colours. However the designs are beautiful – it’s essentially wearable art! I’ve also seen the likes of Ace Ventura and Imagine Mars wearing Plazmalab gear.

Plazmalab takes pride in their locally manufactured products, meticulously crafted by a team of exceptionally talented artisans. From designers and ink masters to pattern makers, each member contributes to the intricate production process.

Space Tribe Clothing

Space Tribe Clothing emerged on the paradisiacal beaches of Goa, India, in the early ’90s. Founded by brothers Olli (RIP) and Miki Wisdom, along with Richmond Headspace, the brand aims to transform the world into a psychedelic circus party wonderland. Rooted in psytrance music, vibrant colours, and optically twisted patterns, Space Tribe Clothing adds a pinch of psychedelic magic to every piece.

Based in Indonesia, Space Tribe Clothing embraces the essence of Goa’s creative spirit. Blacklights, circus skills, and a psychedelic touch converge, offering festival attendees a wardrobe that mirrors the enchanting energy of the Goa trance scene.


Dive into the authentic artistry of Tetramode, a USA-based brand that proudly showcases the singular talent of Samuel Farrand. Unveiling exclusively original artworks and patterns, Tetramode stands as a testament to Samuel’s creative genius, devoid of reliance on AI programs or referenced images.

Each design from Tetramode is a testament to Samuel Farrand’s artistic prowess. With a commitment to authenticity, Tetramode’s captivating patterns offer festival-goers a unique and unparalleled fashion experience, where each piece is a canvas painted by the artist’s creative intuition.

Yacxilan Artwear

Yacxilan Artwear, a haven for various independent artists in India, stands as a testament to the diversity of psychedelic fashion. From shirts and shorts to swimsuits and leggings, their collection boasts a variety of high-quality apparel designed by talented artists.

Yacxilan Artwear’s collection narrates stories through fabric and design. Independent artists contribute their visions to create a diverse range of clothing, allowing festival attendees to don garments that not only celebrate artistry but also tell the tales of the creative minds behind the stitches.

Despite being in India, they do ship internationally and prices are displayed in vairous currencies. Shipping is done via DHL is delivered quite fast for a flat rate of around €35, however you need to consider this will exclude import duties and other costs.

Electro Threads

Electro Threads started in 2013 as an outlet for spreading positivity. Enriching people’s lifestyles with bright and vivid hand-drawn art, the brand has partnered with world-class artists. Each artist receives a percentage every time one of their designs is purchased, fostering a movement of spreading positivity.

Every piece of art at Electro Threads is one-of-a-kind, created exclusively for the brand. With Electro Threads being one of my favourite rave clothing brands, their leggings in particular are perfect for festivals, running, hiking or any activity!

Freedom Rave Wear

Freedom Rave Wear, based in the USA, caters to festival ravers with a commitment to size inclusivity, true-to-fit brilliance, and impeccable craftsmanship. Their materials are not only stretchy but also embrace your form, creating a snug and comfortable fit. Highly recommended for their bottoms and bodysuits, Freedom Rave Wear ensures that your attire moves with you on the dance floor.

With a range of inclusive sizes, even if you choose a size down, the stretchy material will hug you nicely. This brand is a beacon of well-made, vibrant fashion that enhances the festival experience.


What I love about these clothing brands is they offer more than just garments; they provide a canvas for individual expression, a reflection of the vibrant and diverse spirit that defines the psychedelic music and fashion culture.

So, whether you’re just chilling by the tent or having a blast on the dancefloor, these psychedelic clothing brands ensure that your attire is as unforgettable as the experience itself, helping you confidently answer the question, “What do you wear to a psytrance event?”

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