Morten Granau

Morten Granau is a renowned figure in the Trance music world hailing from Denmark. He began his journey into the world of music at a remarkably young age, exploring the realms of Psytrance when he was just 13 years old. This exploration not only included DJing but also saw him create original tracks. By the age of 15, Morten’s talents had already begun to turn heads, impressing local club scenes.

One of the key features of Morten Granau’s production style is its unique blend; it marries the timelessness of classic Progressive Trance with the contemporary flair of modern funk. This signature style is evident in his tracks like “The Grudge,” a collaboration with Phaxe that garnered significant attention. Another pivotal moment in his career came with the release of “The Way Life Should Be” in 2008, which marked a significant solo achievement for him.

As his popularity grew, so did the venues he played at. Morten’s music has reverberated across global parties and festivals, further cementing his reputation in the Trance music community. Additionally, Morten Granau showcases versatility in his music. Apart from his recognized Progressive Trance work, he also produces deep house music under the pseudonym “High & Mighty” and delves into melodic Minimal Techno, where he is known as “One Man Orchestra.”

In essence, Morten Granau stands out not just for his early start in the music industry, but also for the diversity in his musical production, spanning various genres and captivating audiences worldwide.

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