Are you looking for all those gems that make up the best psytrance albums of all time? We’ve put together a massive list of influential albums spanning from 1993 to 2010.

For the purists – there are many sub-genres of psychedelic music included in this list. The intention is to showcase the diversity, power and legacy of the music. You’ll find a few albums included that are psychedelic, full on, goa, psy-chill, progressive, twilight, darkpsy and more.

Infected Mushroom – The Gathering

Label: Infected Studios / Year: 1997

The debut album from Israeli duo Infected Mushroom is an absolute masterpiece. It is definitely one of the most original and unique releases from them. The entire album is a seamless flowing trip. If you like squelching acid lines, strong basslines and fantastic sampling, this album is the right fit for you.

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Dimension 5 – Transdimensional

Label: Intastella / Year: 1997

Transdimensional is the debut Goa-Trance album by Dimension 5. A decade later it was also remastered and re-released in 2007. Transdimensional is a fantastic release during the pinnacle of Goa Trance. Dimension 5 incorporates an oriental and middle eastern Goa sound. Dimension 5 self described their sound as ‘space techno psychedelic trance’.

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Juno Reactor – Transmissions

Label: NovaMute / Year: 1993

With Ben Watkins in the driving seat behind Juno Reactor, Transmissions was the debut album from the UK group now with a long career.

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Transwave – Helium

Label: Javeline / Year: 1996

Helium is a fantastic Classic Goa release and one of the best of this era. Although the album falls a bit short during the last few tracks, it’s still worthy of a listen.

Pleiadians – I.F.O.

Label: Dragonfly Records / Year: 1997

A massive thanks to DAT Records who re-mastered and re-released this album many years later. Released into a triple deluxe Digipak, it features a 12 page booklet featuring the history of the Pleiadians project and the chronicles of how the music was composed, refined and remixed.

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Astral Projection – Trust in Trance

Label: Substance / Year: 1996

Another release during the mid-nineties of the classic melodic Goa Trance period. This is a definite in any psychedelic trance music collection. There are a few standout tracks that became Astral Projection staples like Kabalah, Enlightened Evolution, and People Can Fly.

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Man With No Name – Teleportation

Label: Dragonfly Records / Year: 2000

Man With No Name delivers a fantastic Goa Trance release opening with arguably one of his best tracks – Teleport. There are some great remixes thrown in here too. Martin Freeland’s constant balance between uplifting trance and the raw Goa sound can be heard throughout Teleportation.

Hallucinogen – Twisted

Label: Dragonfly Records / Year: 1995

A defining Album of the Goa/Psytrance genre, Simon Posford’s (aka Hallucinogen) “Twisted” is a truly monumental record. Released in 1995, it is to this day one of the most successful releases in the style of music.

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Koxbox – Dragon Tales

Label: Dragonfly Records / Year: 1995

Dragon Tales features crystal clear psychedelic production with a unique sound. Their style doesn’t conform to what was floating around the Goa scene in the mid-nineties. In retrospect, this has become a classic in the Goa scene today.

Loud – Some Kind of Creativity

Label: Drive Records / Year: 2006

Some Kind of Creativity was the debut album from Israeli act Loud. Now known for bending the realms of psytrance, this album was the first true collection with magical new sounds, defining a new approach to psychedelic music.

RA – 9th

Label: Sun Trip Records / Year: 2008

RA is a Norwegian Goa trance and Ambient project. A’s tracks are generally more traveling than they are quick to put a big, bright wave in your face. This is a more contemplative, mature, intellectual and spiritual style of Goa.

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Khetzal – Corolle

Label: Sun Trip Records / Year: 2005

Khetzal delivers a unique and innovative Goa release with crystal clear production. Musically this is a great Goa album of the 2000’s, although it has its downfalls.

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Blue Planet Corporation – A Blueprint for Survival

A Blueprint for Survival is what one might call a ‘Best Hits’ album encapsulating some of the classic tracks spanning Blue Planet Corporation’s lengthy career. This release might be for more of the trance purists as its massive play time can get a bit boring.

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Artifact303 – Back to Space

Label: Sun Trip Records / Year: 2011

Back to Space is quite simply trippy, dreamy and beautiful with a high level of sound quality and production. This is a cross-over between Goa and uplifting trance styles.

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Filteria – Daze of our Lives

Label: Sun Trip Records / Year: 2009

Daze Of Our Lives oozes with fluid energy, innovation, and infection. This is arguably Filteria’s best album.

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Artha – Influencing Dreams

Label: Cronomi Records / Year: 2010

If you’re a fan of Hullucinogen, Influencing Dreams by Artha is a worthy addition to your collections. All tracks, without any exceptions, are well arranged, with Michał confronting in all of them various themes and moods, which melt and join in one point, thus creating an interesting whole. The atmospheres, moods, sounds, melodies are all very much psychedelic and dream-like.

Protoculture – Refractions

Label: Nano Records / Year: 2003

Protoculture’s early release on Nano Records is definitely one of the best morning Full On albums released. The album features some contagious melodies from the South African producer.

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Talamasca – Psychedelic Trance

Label: Dacru Records / Year: 2013

If you’ve ever listened to a Talamasca track, this release might be no different. Psychedelic Trance contains his signature sound and melodies. If you’re a fan of melodic psytrance, check this out.

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Multistate – Collaborating with Machines

Label: Timecode Records / Year: 2006

Multistate is the duo made up of pioneering South African producers Xatrik and Lost and Found. Their fusion has created a sound that pushes the boundary of the psy-trance genre; high tech grooved glitchy psychedelic that’s both original and superbly produced.

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Astrix – Eye to Eye

Label: Eye to Eye / Year: 2002

Eye to Eye is the debut album from Avi Shmailov, now commonly known as Astrix. If you’re the typical day time full-on lover, this album will satisfy you for a very long time.

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Cosmosis – Fumbling for the Funky Frequency

Label: Holophonic Records / Year: 2009

The album follows a similar formula to previous Cosmosis releases, however on Fumbling for the Funky Frequency, as the title suggests, there’s a concentrated effort to throw in a bit of funk, along with old Goa melodies and complexities.

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Silicon Sound – Pure Analog

Label: Moon Spirits / Year: 2003

Pure Analog might sound overdone in 2018, but 15 years ago this style of Full On was an important milestone and evolution of the Morning Full On sound.

Logic Bomb – Unlimited

Label: TIP World / Year: 2002

Logic Bomb’s Unlimited is full on psytrance with lots of dark, twisted and delayed sounds with great samples. This is a great Full On release with no weak tracks.

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Hux Flux – Cryptic Crunch

Label: Koyote Records / Year: 1999

An interesting release from Hux Flux that might take a little time getting used to. There’s a tan of sharp random sounds, but once you get to understand the complexity and layering, you will appreciate this release.

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X-Dream – Radio

Label: Blue Room Released / Year: 1998

Radio is considered a masterpiece by many shaping the way for Psy-Tech-Trance. The beats are quick and hard, and the sounds swirl around. This is music meant for ecstatic dancing at parties. They are well-known for their high quality of production and well-placed psychedelic sounds.

Protonica – Search

Label: AP Records / Year: 2007

The debut album from one of the most promising names in the German scene. Piet Kaempfer & Ralf Dietze from Berlin have been carefully crafting their unique progressive sound.

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Human Blue – Ice

Label: Spiral Trax / Year: 1999

What ever happened to Human Blue? His release Ice was one that stood the test of time, and a fantastic debut release. Every song is a Progressive diamond.

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Andromeda – Sensations

Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion / Year: 2005

Anders Nilsson again proves his production skills are of the highest order. He knows how to make deep but uplifting progressive trance for those dreamier parts of progressive sets. There are some good tracks on offer here, most notably Sensations, Coketail and Mindbender.

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E-Clip – Shuma

Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion / Year: 2011

The debut album Serbian artist named Marko Radovanovic. Compared to the sounds that came out in the years that followed, Shuma paved the way for a new style of progressive sound.

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