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How to clean a glass bong


In the early days of your career as a weed smoker, a bottle or plastic bong might be sufficient, but as you grow older, you’ll learn a proper glass bong and keeping it in pristine condition is one of the best ways to consume the herb.

If that’s not important enough, dirty bong water can lead to nasty infections and bacteria. That’s the last thing you want during the coronavirus pandemic, so if you’re going to be smoking bongs, make sure it’s clean!

While it might seem like a daunting task at first, and probably why you’ve been reluctant for so long, cleaning a glass bong is relatively easy and only requires two primary ingredients.

It’s recommended to use high concentration, medical grade isopropyl alcohol. You can purchase Vaxxen Labs 99% Isopropyl Alcohol for relatively cheap online. These pipe cleaners are really helpful too.

The best method to clean a bong

Clean a glass bong quickly and easily

Total Time: 15 minutes

Getting started

First, you need 99% isopropyl alcohol (which you can get from a pharmacy or Amazon) and coarse sea salt or kosher salt. You can also try replace the coarse salt with rice. That’s all you will need to get started.

Add alcohol and salt to bong

The method involves adding a bit of isopropyl alcohol to your bong with a fair amount of salt. Block the opening where your down-pipe goes (using a wine stopper, cloth or bit of toilet paper)

Shake bong in a circular motion

Shake the bong in a circular motion, as well as back and forth. You’ll notice as the isopropyl and salt rubs against the walls of the bong, the resin will slowly begin to break away.

Rinse the bong

Pour it all out, finish off with a lukewarm rinse and wait until the bong has dried out completely before your next use. Your glass bong should smell absolutely fresh and be sparkly clean! It’s recommended to use a Q-tip to clean some parts of your glass head if necessary.

Estimated Cost: 10 USD


  • 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Coarse sea salt or kosher salt
  • Q-tips (earbuds)


  • Brush kit
  • Pipe cleaner
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