Freedom Fighters – Rebel (March, HOMmega)

Freedom Fighter’s debut album entitled Rebel showcases an¬†eclectic mix of styles alongside some big name¬†contributors –¬†LOUD, Ace Ventura, Sub6, Outsiders, Ryanosaurus, Avalon and Ivort.

Terrafractyl – Imaginings and Fabrications (March, Kinematic Records)

The Australian’s follow up from¬†A Speck of Dust delivers his signature jazzy uptempo, yet dark and sinister style, pushing the usual boundaries of psychedelic trance. It’s about time someone brought the Ozzie to South Africa!

Vini Vici – Future Classics (April, Iboga Records)

Although it may be Vini Vici’s debut album, the duo have a long history in the scene. That’s why it’s no surprise Future Classics delivered a number of memorable hits in 2015, including The Tribe. Check out our interview with Vini Vici.

Ace Ventura – Paradise Engineering (May, Iboga Records)

Can you believe this is only Ace Ventura’s second album? With a constant touring schedule around the globe, it’s no surprise Ace Ventura’s influences come from a variety of places, as can be heard on the sterling 8 track album. Euphoric, tribal psy-progressive.

Deliriant – The Journey (June, Spectral Records)

The third album by South African Deliriant delivers a more mature direction¬†from his previous two. After a¬†decade of music, Deliriant’s signature sound has taken a compelling cleaner tone. Be sure to check out the remix to Headroom’s track, Deadroom.

Eat Static ‚Äď Dead Planet (July, Mesmobeat)

The double dose release, as it features two discs (one uptempo, one downtempo). This might be¬†Eat Static’s boldest in years. 20+ tracks of psychedelic goodness!

Spacey Koala –¬†Twistedelik Funky Activating Grooves (August, Kinematic Records)

The title of this¬†album speaks for itself. Canadian newcomer Spacey Koala hasn’t been producing psytrance¬†for long, but his skill as a guitarist is apparent on a number of¬†tracks, and his unique approach has created an interesting album.

Waio ‚Äď SuperNowa¬†(September, Zero One Music)

The new album from Waio is the first of four to be released on Zero One Music. Each album is expected to explore a different sound galaxy, one at a time.

Avant Garden – Compiled by DJ Lucas (October, TIP Records)

TIP Records resident DJ Lucas hasn’t aged a day in 20 years and neither has his ability to put together a great compilation. Avant Garden features¬†the classic TIP sound, with artists like¬†Avalon, Laughing Buddha, Outsiders, Hujaboy & more.

Talamasca ‚Äď The Time Machine (October, Dacru Records)

After 2 decades in the scene it’s hard to keep yourself fresh and relevant. But Talamasca has done that with his 10th release, feauting a collaboration with Raja Ram and a remix of U-Recken’s Carol of the Bells.

Outsiders – Our Prophecy (November, TIP Records)

Israeli duo Outsiders deliver a strong debut album featuring collaborations with the likes of Symbolic, Killerwatts and Raja Ram.

Hypnocoustics – Transformational Structures (November, Liquid Records)

Although it may not deliver anything groundbreaking, this is full on done right! The album is actually a compilation of 3 digital EP releases from the UK duo over the course of the year.

Origin 5 – Compiled by Regan (December, Nano Records)

Nano Records boss Regan delivers the fifth edition of Origin, named after Origin Festival in Cape Town. The 19-track compilation features elevated excellence from some of our favourite South African artists including Headroom, Sad Paradise, Broken Toy, The Commercial Hippies and Rinkadink.