For a country on the tip of Africa, South Africa has delivered an outstanding amount of top quality psytrance.

If you’ve never heard of parties like Alien Safari and Vortex, labels like Nexus Media and Nano Records, producers like Artifakt and Slug, then it’s time to educate yourself on our colourful psytrance history!

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Africa in Trance (Microdot Records, 2002)
Check out: Rabdom L – What a Lag

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Alien Safari (Afrogalactic Records, 2002)
Check out: Rinkadink vs Razzmatazz – Upturned (Remix)

Artist: Protoculture
Album: Refractions (Nano Records, 2003)
Check out: Protoculture – Avalon

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Bush Martians in Wonderland (Psytation Entertainment, 2003)
Check Out: Rinkadink – Soyo Kaze

Artist: Shift
Album: Redline (Timecode Records, 2003)
Check out: Shift – No More Humans

Artist: Xatrik
Album: Project A (Digital Psionics, 2004)
Check out: Xatrik – The Scary Door

Artist: Rinkadink
Album: Rabbit From the Dark Side (Alchemy Records, 2004)
Check out: Rinkadink – Hope was closed

Artist: Artifakt
Album: Artifakts II (Timecode Records, 2005)
Check out: Artifakt – Ohm

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Midnight Storm (Nexus Media, 2005)
Check out: Artifakt – Retch

Artist: Corona
Album: Photosphere (Sanskara Records, 2005)
Check out: Corona – Riseup

Artist: DMMT (Dave Mac vs Martin Treurnich)
Album: Africa Bombastic (Freefall Records, 2005)
Check Out: DMMT – Africa Bombastic

Artist: Phyx
Album: Kiss the Blade (Timecode Records, 2006)
Check out: Phyx – Conundrum

Artist: Brethren (Phyx vs Tickets)
Album: The Legend of Cane (Nexus Media, 2006)
Check out: Brethren – Russian Roulette

Artist: Hydraglyph
Album: Kinetic (Sanskara Records, 2006)
Check out: Hydraglyph – Electric Feed

Artist: Multistate (Lost & Found Vs Xatrik)
Album: Collaborating With Machines (Timecode Records, 2006)
Check out: Multistate – Nefarious

Artist: Twisted System
Album: The Core (Timecode Records, 2006)
Check Out: Twisted System – The Beautiful People

Artist: Pitch Hikers
Album: Twilight Zone (Nexus Media, 2006)
Check out: Pitch Hikers – Peaches

Artist: The Commercial Hippies
Album: If You Cant Stand the Heat (Nano Records, 2006)
Check out: The Commercial Hippies – 3 Star Hotel

Artist: Various Artists
Album: What is Psychedelic? (Vision Records, 2007)
Check out: Lost & Found – Acid Pants

Artist: Frozen Ghost
Album: Edible Techniques (Yabai Records, 2007)
Check out: Frozen Ghost – Ned’s Mental

Artist: Zion Linguist
Album: Subliminal Message (MMD Records, 2007)
Check out: Zion Linguist – Primal

Artist: Various Artists
Album: The Turning (Timecode Records, 2007)
Check out: Artifakt – Nosferatu

Artist: Broken Toy
Album: The Low Down Dirty Sound of Broken Toy (Alchemy Records, 2007)
Check out: Broken Toy – Down on the Farm

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Dark Side of the Mind (Vision Records, 2007)
Check out: Rubix Qube – Exhale

Artist: Headroom
Album: Artelligent (Nano Records, 2008)
Check out: Headroom – Will Never End

Artist: Slug
Album: Hardwired (Nexus Records, 2008)
Check out: Slug – Zombie

Artist: Dirty Motion (Frozen Ghost vs Hiyarant)
Album: Dirt Emotion (Yabai Records, 2008)
Check out: Dirty Motion – Dog of War

Artist: Deliriant
Album: Chemistry (Nexus Media, 2009)
Check out: Shift – The Rift (Deliriant remix)

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Stereo Neferia (MMA Records, 2009)
Check out: Super Evil – We Want Your Soul

Artist: Damage
Album: Bad Creationz (MMD Records, 2009)
Check out: Damage – Crowd Fucking Rocker