Benjamin Loggenberg, better known by his stage name Loophole, stands as a luminary in the vibrant realm of psytrance, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. At the youthful age of 25, Loophole has carved an indelible niche in the South African psytrance scene, captivating audiences with his unique sonic tapestries and unwavering passion for the genre. Ever since his breakthrough, Loophole has been a driving force in the evolution of psychedelic trance, earning acclaim for his entrancing beats and masterful control over the psytrance landscape.

One of Loophole’s notable milestones is the launch of his “Emanation EP,” a sonic journey that left an indelible mark on the psytrance community. The release showcased Loophole’s adeptness at blending intricate beats and ethereal melodies, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the genre. Beyond studio productions, his prowess extends to the live domain, where he seamlessly translates his studio magic into mesmerizing performances.

Loophole’s sonic ingenuity was further unveiled in an exclusive mix for Psymedia, where he served up a tantalizing blend of unreleased tracks straight from his studio. The mix not only demonstrated his knack for crafting otherworldly soundscapes but also hinted at the depth of his creative reservoir. His affiliation with Mechanik Records speaks volumes about his commitment to pushing sonic boundaries and contributing to the ever-evolving psytrance landscape.

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