Regan Tacon, widely known as Regan, has left an indelible mark on the global psytrance scene. His musical odyssey commenced in the mid-1990s, initially rooted in diverse genres and bands. However, his destiny took a profound turn when he immersed himself in the electronic and psychedelic realm.

Regan’s passion for music led to the founding of Nano Records, a label synonymous with innovation and quality. His journey has been a symphony of roles – a DJ, producer, label head, and festival architect. As the creative force behind Nano Records, he’s propelled Psy-Trance luminaries to the forefront, masterfully orchestrating their rise.

Origin Festival, an event that he organizes, exemplifies his commitment to global unity within the psytrance community. Despite his UK base, Regan’s heart remains connected to South Africa, a country that birthed his transformative journey. His tale, enriched by collaborations and partnerships, underscores the significance of personality and communication in artist selection.

From the stages of international festivals to the heart of the psychedelic dance floor, Regan’s artistry resonates. Beyond the beats, he advocates for environmentally conscious and positive festival experiences. Regan’s biography is a testament to music’s power to transcend boundaries and inspire unity in a world pulsating with rhythm and harmony.

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