Paradise Citizen

Emerging from the vibrant heartbeats of Cape Town’s music scene, Paradise Citizen has swiftly risen to become a coveted name in the disco and house arena. Born as the duo “Paradise Citizens”, Seb and Tom, together they crafted melodies that painted stories of dreamy sunsets and electrifying city nights.

As life’s currents flowed, Seb ventured abroad, while Tom passionately carried the torch of the Paradise Citizen legacy solo. Their distinctive sound, shaped by a shared vision and Tom’s unwavering commitment, remained an emblem of their combined genius.

Their captivating rhythms have graced the stages of some of the most renowned festivals and venues, including Mødular, We Love Summer, Sungazer Festival, Bazique Festival, Sexy Groovy Love, Alcazar NYE, Wolfkop Weekender, and Organik Gaian Dream, to name a few.

More than just a moniker, Paradise Citizen represents a state of sonic euphoria, urging listeners to find their own paradise amidst hypnotic beats and intoxicating rhythms. Dive into their set and let Paradise Citizen transport you to the golden eras of discotheques, the future beats of house, all wrapped in Cape Town’s soulful embrace.

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