Luke Weyer, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, is the creative force behind the psytrance persona Splooj. From an early age, Luke was captivated by the mesmerizing beats and intricate rhythms of electronic music. His journey into the world of psytrance began in his hometown, where he quickly gained recognition for his distinctive sound and dynamic performances. Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Luke founded Liquid Hive, a platform that not only showcased his talents but also contributed to the growth of the psytrance scene, both locally and internationally. Taking his passion overseas, he established Liquid Hive in Vietnam and hosted several parties.

Splooj’s musical prowess has graced the stages of some of the most prestigious psytrance festivals worldwide. From the mystical vibes of Organik to the dynamic energy of MooV Festival and the mind-expanding experiences at Our Minds, Earthdance Cape Town, and Vortex Parallel Universe, Splooj’s performances are marked by a magnetic stage presence and a seamless fusion of cosmic melodies. In addition to his solo career, Luke collaborates with Oliver-joe Schubach (Bhungaroo) under the alias Khameleon, exploring new sonic territories within the psytrance genre.

Despite his international ventures, Luke Weyer has returned to his roots in Cape Town, drawing inspiration from the city’s diverse cultural influences. His music reflects a constant evolution, with each beat and melody representing not only his personal journey but also leaving an enduring impact on the psytrance community. As Splooj, Luke continues to push the boundaries of the genre, creating a sonic experience that resonates with audiences around the globe.

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