Eat Static

Merv Pepler, along with Joie Hinton, co-founded the electronic music project Eat Static in 1989 in Frome, Somerset, England. The duo transitioned from their previous involvement in the psychedelic rock band Ozric Tentacles to focus on rave-oriented dance music. Eat Static’s debut album, “Abduction,” marked the beginning of their extraterrestrial-themed music. After Joie Hinton’s departure in 2008, Merv Pepler continued as the sole member. The project’s musical diversity encompasses trance, techno, drum and bass, and breakbeat, often experimenting with unconventional time signatures. Their discography features albums like “Prepare Your Spirit,” “Implant,” and “Science of the Gods.” Beyond Eat Static, both Merv Pepler and Joie Hinton engaged in various other musical endeavors

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