Faffa Bruwer

A jack of all trades and a master of fun – Faffa’s love for music was sparked at the age of 12 while learning to play the guitar and drums in his mother’s studio.

An Engineer by day and a DJ/Producer, often also by day, his journey into the world of electronic music began alongside his best friend as they formed the collaborative project called “Father.” From their base in Stellenbosch, the duo rapidly made its way into all the nooks and crannies of the South African electronic music scene, where he has performed at multiple festivals, clubs, and bars.

He believes the beauty of electronic music lies in the vast diversity and endless possibilities, allowing artists to ignore conventional beliefs that conform them to becoming monotonous. Despite loving “nearly” all forms of electronic music, he has developed a signature Disco Tech, Indie Dance sound that draws inspiration from early disco records retrofitted with dreamy synth stabs and rolling basslines.

“Joy shared is multiplied” – R.A Salvatore. When you spot Faffa’s name on a lineup, you can expect an emphasis on connectedness and intimacy with the crowd. Legend has it; he’s even been found on the wrong side of the stage during his own set, don’t tell the promoter.

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