Miles from Mars

Miles from Mars

Miles from Mars Is a hard-hitting combo of two of Cape Town’s finest electronic beat-makers, Max Kibble (Maximilian) & Shane Renew (Deadbeat FM). 
With over 20 years of combined production and DJing experience these two have rocked festivals across the country and abroad, and brought their brand of mayhem to many a dance floor this side of the Solar System.

Shane has been delivering gut punches of psychedelic energy since apes became bipedal, and when Maximilian isn’t curating festivals like Into the Wild & With You Festival, you can find him snake-charming crowds with the grooviest of techno sets. The result of such a merger of power can only be described as a sonic hybrid, channeled by off-world entities.

Miles from Mars sees the two sonic shamans join forces, to create a new breed of techno, fuelled by groovy leads and pounding, world-destroying bass lines. Their latest release, titled ‘Red Eye Jedi’ off Digital Structures, showcases their unique take on the genre, and is a fitting soundtrack for a dystopian revolution.

Be sure to strap in tight, hold on to your genitalia, and get ready to be blasted into space as Miles From Mars ventures into the great unknown.

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