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Uber vs Bolt – who is cheapest?

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With at least 3 e-hailing services available in South Africa, users have a fair amount of choice when it comes to conveniently traveling around the city.

For many South Africans, price is ultimately the most important factor. All 3 apps share a very similar interface, and in most cases the drivers have joined more than 1 platform to increase the potential amount of work. DiDi might have the slight upper hand with built-in security options, but how do they compare to rivals Uber and Bolt on price?

For our comparison, we used a number of popular routes around Cape Town. We also personally took trips on these routes in order to assist with our summary.

It’s also important to note Bolt and DiDi regularly dish out discount coupons, while Uber have largely abandoned their referral system and coupons (presumably because they have been in the country for many years and are established in all major cities). However, it seems DiDI coupon codes can’t be applied to DiDi Go (their cheapest option).

DiDI vs Uber vs Bolt price comparison table

TripUber GoBolt GoBolt Go (with 50% discount)DiDi ExpressDiDi Express (with discounts)DiDi Go
Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to Camps Bay Beach (17.5km)R176R132R62R139R89R112
Long Street (CBD) to Constantia Village (17,3km)R114R140R70R133R83R107
CTICC to Cape Town International Airport (21.3km)R142R133R67R161R111R129


Based on our findings, the prices of Uber Go, Bolt Go and DiDi Go are quite similar.

However, with discounts applied to Bolt Go it was by far the cheapest e-hailing service available – in fact much cheaper than both DiDi Express and DiDi Go. It was also more than HALF the price of Uber Go!

Without factoring in coupons, DiDi Go is the cheapest option available.

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