Spotify allegedly developing a “Remix” tool for Premium Users

A new leaked report suggests you'll be able to remix your favorite songs straight from the Spotify app.

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There are whispers that Spotify is in the works of crafting a “remix” feature, enabling users to tweak and hasten tracks, all without stepping out of the popular music app.

As per an exclusive from the Wall Street Journal, this tool will empower users to “speed up, mash-up and otherwise edit” their beloved tracks.

Moreover, users can stash away their edits for future listens. Nonetheless, Spotify clarified that user-made remixes won’t be shareable on external platforms.

According to another source, these tools are expected to be accessible through Spotify’s regular Premium subscription, though Spotify has yet to make an official declaration, leaving subscribers guessing about the release date.

The trend of ‘sped-up’ tunes has been on the rise, with TikTok often credited for numerous trends since its rise to social media fame in 2018.

This trend’s popularity has prompted artists to release sped-up and slowed-down renditions of their tracks, leading Spotify to curate algorithmically generated playlists to cater to ‘Speed songs’ enthusiasts.

‘Speed-up’ songs pose a copyright dilemma for performers and labels, as they often miss out on revenue from the altered music.

TikTok introduced a new playback speed feature for videos last year, alongside other enhancements such as scrubbing, “clear display”, pinch and zoom, “picture-in-picture”, auto-scroll, and more.

As of now, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Amazon Music lack a playback speed feature, making Spotify’s move revolutionary in the music streaming realm.

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