Europe is spoilt for choice as many countries host great psytrance scenes including Portugal, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, Switzerland and even smaller countries like Lithuania and Greece.

Summer season in Europe generally begins around end of May or start of June and ends around September.

The long duration means that a continent with 51 countries will have a lot of outdoor festivals.

We’ve put together a list of  confirmed psychedelic trance festivals taking place in 2018 and 2019. More to be added as dates are confirmed.

To view all international festivals view our international Psytrance festival calendar

Psytrance Festivals in Europe


20sep(sep 20)10:00 am23(sep 23)4:00 pmPsychedelic Way 'Festival for Life'Continent:EuropeCountry:Italy

21sep(sep 21)1:00 am23(sep 23)1:00 amAudio Garden 2018Continent:EuropeCountry:Ireland


03may(may 3)1:00 am13(may 13)1:00 amIndian Spirit Open Air 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Germany

09may(may 9)1:00 am13(may 13)1:00 amPsychedelic Circus Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Germany

14may(may 14)1:00 am21(may 21)1:00 amTransition Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Spain

17may(may 17)1:00 am19(may 19)1:00 amSchallkonflikt Open Air Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Germany

24may(may 24)1:00 am26(may 26)1:00 amFenix Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Czech Republic


14jun(jun 14)1:00 am16(jun 16)1:00 amForRest - Explosion S.N.T Sommernachtztraum FestivalContinent:EuropeCountry:Germany


01jul1:00 am08(jul 8)1:00 amMasters of Puppets Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Czech Republic

03jul(jul 3)5:00 pm08(jul 8)11:00 amLost Theory Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Croatia

05jul(jul 5)1:00 am07(jul 7)1:00 amOrange Sun Open Air 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Germany

10jul(jul 10)1:00 am14(jul 14)1:00 amFunny Moon Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Czech Republic

10jul(jul 10)1:00 am15(jul 15)1:00 amRevision Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Greece

11jul(jul 11)1:00 am15(jul 15)1:00 amNoisily Festival of Music & Arts 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:United Kingdom

16jul(jul 16)1:00 am19(jul 19)1:00 amForest Soul Gathering 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Portugal

22jul(jul 22)10:00 am29(jul 29)5:00 pmSonica Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Italy

24jul(jul 24)10:00 am28(jul 28)5:00 pmOne Love Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Switzerland

29jul(jul 29)10:00 am04aug(aug 4)10:00 pmOzora Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Hungary


29jul(jul 29)10:00 am04aug(aug 4)10:00 pmOzora Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Hungary

02aug(aug 2)1:00 am04(aug 4)1:00 amSimSalaBoom Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Germany

05aug(aug 5)1:00 am11(aug 11)1:00 amMoDem Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Croatia

06aug(aug 6)10:00 am12(aug 12)6:00 pmFreedom Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Portugal

09aug(aug 9)1:00 am11(aug 11)1:00 amSummer Dream Festival 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Germany

19aug(aug 19)1:00 am26(aug 26)1:00 amZNA Gathering 2019Continent:EuropeCountry:Portugal

24aug(aug 24)1:00 am26(aug 26)1:00 amGreen Ring FestivalContinent:EuropeCountry:Portugal