Master of Puppets 2024

Master of Puppets Festival

Located in the beautiful Czechia countryside, Masters of Puppets Festival is a psychedelic music lover’s haven that spans a week of immersive sonic experiences. The 2023 edition, aptly titled ‘Masters of Puppets: Raise Against the Machine,’ took place from July 3 to July 9, drawing enthusiasts from around the globe to the charming town of Bystrice nad Pernstejnem. With three stages set against the stunning backdrop, the festival creates an atmosphere where cutting-edge sounds and experimental psychedelic music culture thrive.

This annual gathering has become a beacon for those seeking an inclusive haven for dark and mind-bending tunes. The 2023 festival, which attracted a substantial crowd, was a testament to its growing popularity within the global music festival circuit. While the exact attendance figures are not available, the social media buzz and the festival’s vibrant online community on platforms like Instagram and Facebook reflect the enthusiasm generated by Masters of Puppets.

The festival’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of hi-tech music is evident not only in its lineup but also in its evolution. Funds raised from the festival are reinvested to enhance the event’s quality, ensuring that each year surpasses the last. For those intrigued by the promise of dark experimental psychedelic music, Masters of Puppets Festival stands as an unmissable annual pilgrimage on the global festival map.


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