Transition Festival 2024

Transition Festival Spain

The roots of this party comes from the golden times, when we were allowed to rave as free birds without restrictions.
Imagine a priviledged natural protected place with a warm atmosphere dwelling in the magic forest. If there is a word that defines this party, apart from its name “Transition”, that is “FAMILY”.

“Transition Festival” is a vital experience of coexistence and transformation, a true wonder in the middle of nature.

With people coming from different parts of the world, you will find yourself dancing with the global community in unity.

Transition is about celebration, harmony, music, culture and the connection with nature.
Every moment of the day is an opportunity to gather experiences, and during the night, it all comes together under a veil of magic and psychedelic mysticism… incredibly unique!
Take this opportunity to meet yourself and and new fellows in this “best kept underground secret” of the psychedelic culture! Come and MAKE YOUR TRANSITION with us!






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