Oasis of Initiation Festival

OASIS OF INITIATION is an electronic music festival. The passion for the genre and the desire to give like-minded people a space led us to the idea of ​​the oasis. It reflects our vision of a place where everyone can develop in their own personal way. Individuality, mutual respect and having fun with life and music are our thing.
On our 3 floors you will find Psytrance, Progressive Trance, DarkPsy, HiTech, Techno and live music. If you need a little rest in between, you are in good hands in our chill-out and healing area. In addition to an international lineup, we have put together a broad supporting program for you, from art events to workshops. Here you can try it out and let your creativity run free. For the small hunger in between, everyone will find something at the numerous food trucks – with meat, without meat or vegan. And since people do not live by bread alone, you will find a selection of delicious drinks at our chic self-made bars.

The consideration and respect that we show one another deserves our environment just as much. For this reason, we pay attention to a sustainable and gentle treatment of nature and the environment and ask you to do the same. Of course, this also applies to the entire planning of the festival. After all, we want to be able to enjoy our environment and our little oasis even longer!

As colorful as our community is, so colorful are we! What we have no place for is discrimination! Anyone who is racist, sexual, gendered, religious or otherwise insulted or assaulted is out! And very quickly.

But without you all this is nothing. You are the heart that pumps the energy through the festival and our veins. You are the spark that jumps over. So come along and let’s have a fantastic time!

Because we like it family-like, we have limited our tickets to 3,000. So if you want to be there: please book early enough!


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