Product Reviews

Best Tech Gifts

Finding that perfect tech gift for him or her isn’t so easy. There’s so much to choose from – but we’ve narrowed down the choices.

Best DJ Controllers (over $1000)

If you’ve reached the next level of your DJ career and looking for a DJ controller that costs over $1000, you expect a certain level of quality a features that are similar to a club setup. As Pioneer DJ rekordbox software can be found in most clubs, many look at

Best Bluetooth Headphones

Find the best Bluetooth headphones for every price range. Here’s our top 10 picks to get you started. Audiophile or casual listener, read our guide!

Best DJ Gifts

Are you looking to buy a gift for a DJ? If you don’t know the hobby or career well, it might be hard to buy an appropriate present for the person you love. We have put together a list of some of the best gifts for DJs to get you

Best Chairs For Music Studios

Are you over back ache associated with long hours in the music studio? As a music producer, spending money on the best chair is one of the best investments you can make.

Best Free VST Plugins

If you’re starting out with music production, after choosing your DAW, grabbing a bunch of free VST plugins is the next thing you should do.

Best DJ USB Sticks

Looking to find the best DJ USB stick? Everyone has heard it – a USB drive has failed mid-set, forcing you to find a backup solution fast.

Best DJ Speakers

When festivals stopped, we went on the hunt for the best DJ speakers available at the moment. In general, you can pretty much use anything, however you’ll want a quality set of speakers that you can really crank at high volumes – either at home, at small events or other

The Best Standing Desks

Since the pandemic has struck us and most people are now working from home, many of us have had to allocate a certain space of our homes where we can work productively. Although buying a desk is probably not the most difficult decision to make, there are still certain things

Woodland Craft Cigarettes – the solution to leftover festival butts?

If you’ve been to a festival in Cape Town or visited a tobacconist recently, you might have come across a distinct brown and green cigarette box – Woodland Craft Cigarettes by Smokey Treats. What makes them different, exactly? While they recognize smoking cigarettes is a horrible habit, there are ways