Best Hard Seltzer in South Africa

Best Hard Seltzer South Africa
As Hard Seltzer starts to become a more popular options at bars and festivals, we have put together a list of the best options in South Africa.

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If you like to watch your figure but enjoy a night out drinking, then hard seltzer might just be the answer you have been looking for. Even though this new drink category is in its infancy, there are many brands to choose from on the shelves, making it difficult to find the best hard seltzer out there.

What is hard seltzer?

Before we drive into the best hard seltzer in South Africa, let’s define what the drink is.

A hard seltzer is essentially sparkling water with alcohol and flavouring. They are generally low in calories and carbohydrates. Due to its low LPA (litres per alcohol), you can skip hangovers if you don’t drink too many.

It’s also incredibly convenient, since you just need to open a can (instead of having to mix your drink or wait at the bar).

You can easily drink a few of them on a night out and have a deadly hangover the next day.

Best Hard Seltzer Brands

If you’re convinced to jump on this new drink, then choose on the best hard seltzers in South Africa below. We have included some of the big commercial brands and local options too.

Topo Chico

Originally a sparkling mineral water brand from Mexico, the big guys at Coca-Cola Company purchased the company in 2021 and turned it into a vegan friendly alcoholic hard seltzer brand across the world.

The Topo Chico range in South Africa includes Lemon Lime, Pinepple and Mango flavours. Each can has only 100 calories and 4.5% of alcohol content in every 330ml can.


Identifying the hard seltzer trend in South Africa, Distell has launched the Vawter range which infuses vodka with natural fruit flavours.

The range includes Juicy Grapefruit, Refreshing Cucumber and Zesty Lemon & Lime, which has just 3.5% alcohol content and is low in sugar. These come in a bigger 440ml can with 6.5g of sugar and 8g of carbs per serving.

Flying Fish Seltzer

Owned by SAB, the Flying Fish brand is familiar with the South African market. The latest Flying Fish Hard Seltzer comes in Lemon & Lime and Raspberry flavours.

These 300ml cans pack 5% alcohol content and just 1.5g of sugar per serving – that’s pretty low!


If you want to support a smaller, local brand, then take a look at Freely Hard Seltzer. Created by Natures Own Beverages (Pty) Ltd, this sparkling water is combined with vodka and a fruity taste. They are available in Zesty Lime, Perky Peach and Wild Berry flavours.

At just 3% alcohol content, this is one of the lighter drinks on the market. There’s zero sugar too. What sets this brand apart is their glass bottles too. Available exclusively at Checkers LiqourShop right now.

Skinny Seltzer

Skinny is another new South African brand on the market. What we love about this brand is the gin, vodka, and tequila hard seltzer options! There’s no added sugar and each can has low-calories.

You get three options – Skinny B (vodka, lime, soda), Skinny M (tequila, lime, soda) and the Skinny G (gin, lime, soda). All three have a 4% alcohol content.

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