Magik (UK) – Exclusive Interview

UK producer, Magik, is a quickly rising name on the Nano Records roster. After collaborating with the likes of Tristan and Dickster, Magik has built a solid following for his top notch psychedelic productions.

UK producer, Magik, is a quickly rising name on the Nano Records roster. After collaborating with the likes of Tristan and Dickster, Magik has built a solid following for his top notch psychedelic productions. We had a chat with Magik, ahead of his first visit to South Africa for Origin Festival.

Psymedia: Hi Maciek! To kick things off, tell me about your life prior to becoming a psytrance producer? Did you have any experience studying music or playing instruments?

Magik: Hey! I have been surrounded by music and musos since young age. Listened to a lot of different music when I was a kid. In my teens I was more into rock and punk rock, studied music theory, learned guitar and keyboard for a while. As for the formal education I graduated in Audio Technology, during my uni years I started making music more seriously.

Psymedia: You formed a friendship with legend Tristan early on in your career.

Magik: Basically we used to live close to each other. It’s the area of north west London which is a bit like a village, everyone knows each other. When I was a student I worked in a local bar, Tris used to go there. One day I just started chatting to him about music and stuff, told him I write tunes as well he said ‘why don’t you pop over to my studio so we can listen what you’ve been up to’ time went by we became friends, I started coming more often to check my mixes then one day he said why don’t we just make a track together . . . and the rest is just history!

Psymedia: Your collaboration last year, Triptamine, was a big hit, why do you think so? How did the track come about?

Triptamine was written within two days (the quickest we’ve done so far) at Tristan’s new studio in the countryside. I came over for a couple of days to see him, we knew that we don’t have much time and have to come up with a solid idea very quickly otherwise it will just end up as one of those never finished projects you have on your hard drive. Why it was a big hit I have no idea! Probably a good chemistry in the studio.

Psymedia: You’ve also worked with other veterans in the scene like Dick Trevor. Do you enjoy collaborations?

Magik: Dick is an amazing producer and overall a top dude. It’s always a pleasure and fun to hang out with him. I love working with other people as there is always something else you can learn. Everyone has a different approach, working methods etc. It inspires me to experiment more and try new things.

Psymedia: What does a newer psytrance producer such as yourself bring to the table when working in the studio?

Magik: As I have mentioned, everyone has different ways of achieving final results. There are endless tricks, you always learn. Even when you work with somebody who has much less experience than you, they may know a little something you don’t that can speed up a process and improve your workflow.

Psymedia: What has it been like working with Nano Records?

Magik: Well it’s one of the biggest labels on our scene. Very well managed. Regan and Monique know exactly what they’re doing. It has evolved massively over the years but they are still faithful to their original ideas. Very influential label, the list of the artists is truly impressive. When I had an opportunity to get signed I didn’t think twice. Feel blessed to be part of such a great team.

Psymedia: You played at Boom Festival in Portugal last year, what was that experience like?

Magik: It was totally mind blowing. Boom is like nothing else. I went to that festival as a teenager, ages ago when it was still quite underground. Can’t believe how big it became, production is absolutely top notch. It’s a bit like a European version of Burning Man these days. So many like-minded people in one place. Playing at last year’s edition was like a dream that had come true.

Psymedia: Have you toured any countries you particularly like? Any you would like to tour?

Magik: I love playing in Germany, France, Switzerland and Portugal, always a great energy, full of beautiful people. There are a lot more places to see though.

Psymedia: What have you heard about the scene in South Africa?

Magik: I’ve heard South Africa has one of the best psy scenes in the world and the best, craziest party people you can meet! I have a few very good South African friends here in London. Heard a lot of great stories so I can’t wait to experience it myself.

Psymedia: What are your thoughts on the UK scene? Do you think it’s on the rise?

Magik: It was all brought from the shores of Goa to Germany and UK. The UK scene has a long history and its own identity. Psy scene is slightly different in every country, which is great. I think it’s on the rise all over the world.

I really like what happened with the scene in the recent years. It has become more of a culture, global phenomenon, never been so vibrant and healthy. The music production is absolutely top notch, the organisation of parties is most of the times on the highest standard and more evolved to the psychedelic trance experience

Psymedia: Any plans to release a full-length LP at some point? Do you think it’s still a viable method to release psytrance music considering how people consume music nowadays?

Magik: Yes, I do have a plan for an album, started working on it but I believe more in conceptual albums rather than just a collection of tracks. My LP should be ready in late 2017. I think releasing an album is very important as that’s what gives artists the biggest exposure.

Psymedia: Any other releases on the way?

Magik: There is a lot to come this year. Got an upcoming single I wrote with Waio a while ago, gonna be out on Nano at the end of February, few more collabs with Avalon, Outsiders, Alpha Portal to name a few . . . a couple of solo tunes as well so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Psymedia: Thanks for the interview, see you at Origin Festival. Anything to add before we finish off?

Magik: Thank you very much, can’t wait to blast with those crazy South Africans!

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