Avalon is the solo project of Leon Kane. Starting out alongside EVP under the alias Reality Grid, Leon began releasing as Avalon shortly after, working closely with Nano Records. He has also released alongside labelmate Tristan as Killerwatts, and alongside Sonic Species as Future Frequency. Avalon, no stranger to South Africa, took some time from his busy touring and writing schedule to have a brief chat.

Psymedia : Hey Leon. It was great to have you back for Rezonance NYE Festival 2012 – 2013. You’re from London and I believe you were a promoter at first. How did you move from there to behind the decks?

Avalon : Hi, thanks and it was great to be back! Yes that’s right, I was a promoter at first, putting on underground warehouse and outdoor parties in the United Kingdom. It was hard to find good DJs to book so I became one. I made some tracks just for fun, which became my first big hits. Regan and Tristan heard me play, and then signed me the next day. That’s when my life changed!

Psymedia : What do you like about South Africa?

Avalon : This was my fourth season back and my first Rezonance NYE Festival. It really is one of my favourite party places on the planet.  Cape Town party locations are amongst some of the most beautiful  I have played at. However, what it really is that keeps bringing me back is the people. I have made some great friends over the last few years. One of the nicest trance scenes in the world in many ways!

Psymedia : Tell me about teaming up with Nano Records?

Avalon : Nano Records right now is one of the most respected, active labels in the scene. Since I got signed in 2010 it really changed my life. What was a hobby became a full time career. All three of my projects are on this label and most of my favourite acts.

Psymedia : Tell me about the compilation Avalon: The Remixes Volume One. How did you go about selecting artists?

Avalon :  Well I had a lot of  artists wanting to remix me all of a sudden, so the remix album just sort of fell into place. The original Avalon album was number 1 on Beatport, with every track in the top ten. So I figured it was time for a follow up. I’m very honoured to have the top artists in the scene remixing me!

Psymedia : Tell me about your project with Tristan called Killerwatts. Your debut entitled Blow Your Mind was released on Nano Records earlier this year. What has the response been like?

Avalon : It has been a huge year for us, we have played every major festival on the globe. We’re so happy with the support and feedback from our fans – you rock!

Psymedia : Your newest project Future Frequency along Sonic Species is taking shape. Why do you think you two complement each other so well?

Avalon : Well firstly we are very good friends – we go way back. I think that is important for a collaboration project as you spend a lot of time together in the studio and on the road. Our sounds compliment each other well, as we bring the UK psychedelic vibe into a lower bpm. Basically, progressive with balls! We’ll be debuting at Ozora Festival this year.

Psymedia :  Has it been a struggle making sure all your projects stay active?

Avalon : It’s not easy sometimes amongst heavy touring, over 30 countries last year, and having 3 live projects on the go! Because of this, we make most our music on the road whilst touring, in hotels, airplanes and other artists studio’s. We changed the studio setup, so we’re mobile now. Everything is portable .

Psymedia : What was your favourite party of 2012?

Avalon: I would have to say it’s between the Eclipse Festival in Australia, playing straight after the eclipse with Tristan, which was off the hook. And playing at Time and Space Festival on the 21st of December on the Mayan Riviera, in Talum, Mexico. That was also epic! And Boom Festival and Ozora Festival – oh shit that’s more then one!

Psymedia: Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Avalon : I have lots in the pipeline. The Avalon session 3 EP is out soon on Nano Records, as well as a new track called Real Deal on a Digital Om Productions compilation. Killerwatts EP is nearly finished, and the Future Frequency album with my new partner Sonic Species has just begun – we’re making the album in Goa right now.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview. Any last words?

Avalon : Big love to the party people of Cape Town, you are the reason I come back every year. You all rock! Keep in touch.