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Retreat Yourself is a conscious festival where wellness and music are fused in a way that is unique within the South African landscape. We are a 4 day festival filled with an abundance of wellness activities, yoga, music, dancing, learning, talkshops, food & drink. You can expect a fortune of highlights, activities and events at Retreat Yourself, as we encourage you to curate your own weekend! There is something for everyone – if you want to have a relaxing long weekend away being healthy, reading and exercising… you can. If you want to indulge, dance and let go… you can. And if you want to do a little bit of both… you can. RY welcomes families and is open to all ages. Expect to cross paths with people from all walks of life, as we aim to create a playground including all cultures, arts & crafts. So, enjoy a getaway with us, expanding your mind and unravelling your body – explore, revitalise, learn, dance and feast. As a conscious festival, our aim is to provide a sustainable eventing experience with minimal ripple effect on the resources we use. With livestock production being one of the leading causes responsible for global greenhouse emissions and deforestation, Retreat Yourself is meat-free! RY presents a platform to festival goers where everyone can play an important part in the process and learn more about the issues and opportunities at hand. We believe in having fun responsibly and consciously enjoying the beautiful world we live in, so that many after us can do the same. You know you want to. Go on. Retreat yourself

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Here is some information on how you can travel safely to the festival.

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