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When to use the medical staff at festivals

Over the past decade, outdoor electronic dance music (EDM) festivals have grown in popularity across the world, developing into multi-day events that draw crowds of tens of thousands.

Ozora Festival 2019 Review

In a time where universal uncertainty looms, my mind reflects on last summer’s pilgrimage to paradise. A destined time, coated in nostalgia, yet focused solely on the present. This was my 4th trip to the Hungarian countryside, and after a few days in Barcelona & Budapest, celebrating my birthday, and

Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama

Tribal Gathering is an international music and arts festival that takes place in Panama every year. The festival is a celebration of the harmony between nature, music, and art.

ozora festival

Ozora Festival Review (Hungary)

Ozora Festival is a psytrance festival that takes place in Hungary (Europe). Read our review to find out if Ozora Festival is worth visiting.

Boom Festival Review (Portugal)

No words, pictures or videos could ever truly illustrate the magical wonders that occurred at Idanha-a-Nova. My levels of enjoyment were constantly increasing as the next entrancing sight or sound would fantastically reveal itself.