Free Full-on & Twilight Psytrance

Listen to the latest full-on and twilight psytrance mixes from the best artists.

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Psytrance is a genre of electronic dance music that combines elements of trance music with psychedelic music. The style is known for its strong basslines, fast rhythms, and unpredictable melodies. Psytrance typically has a tempo of around 145 to 160 bpm and often features samples from traditional Indian, Middle Eastern, and African music.

Twilight psytrance is a type of electronic music that has a slower tempo than other forms of psytrance. It typically has a more melodic and hypnotic feel with its calming and dreamy atmospheres. It is often characterized by lush pads, lush basslines and dreamy synth leads. It is most often associated with the twilight hours and is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

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