BayaWaka from Enig’Matik Records – Exclusive Interview

It is not easy to sum up the Israeli DJs sound as his sets take a journey through various psychedelic and bass-heavy genres. 2013 was a big year for BayaWaka as he traveled the globe performing at a number of high-profile festivals.

BayaWaka is Golan Aflalo. It is not easy to sum up the Israeli DJs sound as his sets take a journey through various psychedelic and bass-heavy genres.

Psymedia : Shalom Golan! To kick things off, tell me a little bit about yourself and your introduction to psychedelic music?

BayaWaka : Hello there! My name is Golan. Having originally lived in Jerusalem my life has been quite psychedelic already! It is a city with a lot of culture and nonstop music of all kinds. At a very young age I started to enjoy rock music and the progression to electronic music was really short and obvious. At the end of the 90s I was going to a lot of parties in Israeli nature and since that moment I’m here and in love with psychedelic music of all different genres.

Psymedia : Your sets incorporated elements of psybass/psystep/psychill/glitch. How would you describe your sound?

BayaWaka  : That’s a really good question. Every time I meet someone I’m trying to answer their question, ‘what is this genre?’ I think there’s no clear answer about it and someone needs to invent a new name. It’s a combination of so many genres. You have a touch of psychill with some psychedelic hip-hop and bass music with breaks – but coming from a psychedelic-influenced dubstep sound.

Psymedia : What was it about these genres that made you want to perform psychedelic music beyond stuff like Full On and Prog?

BayaWaka : To me it’s a lot more interesting and unexpected. There is plenty room to be creative and make people discover a new place. Sometimes I like to be on the main floor and dance to Psytrance but only at the end of the day.

Psymedia : Tell me about your relocation to Berlin. Why did you decide to relocate? Is it more central for your bookings?

BayaWaka : Berlin is an amazing city. It is easy and the living expenses are not high. You can find everything you look for and it’s perfect for me. Of course for the gig issues it is a lot more comfortable being in the centre of Europe. I’m open to a lot of new directions.

Psymedia : What’s it like being a part of the Enig’matik Records family? How did you get connected?

BayaWaka : I have really loved the label from day one. They have amazing music with each artist representing a different sound. I was talking with Jake Rose (Sun in Aquarius), the owner of the label, and we wanted to spread the label music everywhere, get people to know the music and the artists of the label. That is something I do with a lot of love.

Psymedia : Do you think genres such as psybass/psystep/psychill should be better represented on the main floors at festivals?

BayaWaka : I am sure one day it will be like that. It has grown with every and every year and there are a lot of people who really get in to it.

Psymedia : What were some of your highlights of the year?

BayaWaka : I had an amazing year and really thankful I had the chance to play at Ozora Festival on the Chill Out stage. That is one of the best Chill Out temples to plat at! For sure, Hadra Festival in France was one of the best moments of the summer. Lost Theory Festival and Momento Demento in Croatia was off the hook too. I have a long list of amazing moment’s from the summer time and enjoyed every gig I had.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview!

BayaWaka : Much love and see you all soon!

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