Sam Gamgee, known by his stage name Psydewise, is a multifaceted psytrance producer originating from the Garden Route, South Africa. He has carved a niche for himself with his abstract, psychedelic sounds that engage the listener’s body, mind, and soul.

Apart from being renowned as Psydewise, Sam has explored other musical dimensions under the aliases Trogon, where he delves into faster night-time psytrance, and Magbeat, which showcases his skills in downtempo deep house.

One of his most significant contributions to the music world is as the co-founder of Our Minds Music, a platform dedicated to the promotion and distribution of unique soundscapes. His musical versatility is evident through the diverse psychedelic genres he produces, such as Psygressive, Forest, Techno, and ambient. Tracks like “Voices,” “Groove Storm,” and “Witching Hour” stand testament to his prowess.

Psydewise has collaborated with various music labels, with notable contributions like the EP “Purple People” on Purple Hexagon Records. This EP blends twilight sounds, offering a dance groove, and commemorates the “Purple Rain” protest.

After spending time in the U.K., his sound matured, combining friendly, funky vibes with occasional hints of darkness, aiming to deliver a vivid, enlightening sonic journey.

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