Earthling, widely recognized in the Psychedelic Trance realm, is the brainchild of DJ Celli, also known as Celli Firmi. He was born in Ibiza in 1977 and has since become a significant figure in the Psychedelic Trance genre.

Celli’s early life was marked by the vibrant Full Moon parties and clubbing scene of Ibiza during the 1990s. His association with Art Party, an Ibiza organization, helped him master the intricacies of event organizing by 1992. As Psychedelic Trance began to gain traction in Ibiza, Celli and his friends embarked on their journey to organize successful parties, playing a pivotal role in establishing and nourishing the local psytrance scene’s enduring appeal. It was during these very events that Celli made his debut as a DJ.

After years of event management and DJing, in 1998, DJ Celli ventured into music production, forming his project “Earthling.” His debut track “Just Say Yes” was released under T.I.P. records, marking the beginning of an illustrious career in music production. This was followed by other notable tracks such as “Dusty Hoffmans” on Neurobiotic records. In 2001, he released the album “Patterns” through Acidance records. The success of these tracks not only bolstered his reputation on a global scale but also solidified his position as an international DJ.

Throughout his career, DJ Celli has exhibited a penchant for collaboration. Together with Riktam and Bansi of GMS, he formed the group Soundaholix. Further showcasing his versatility, Celli has delved into projects like Minimal Techno under the moniker Monoxcide and produced Chill out music as Earthling. He has made several appearances on Ibiza-centric compilations. Additionally, his collaboration with Nick Doof birthed 3rd Ear Audio, a project focused on chillout and Dub genres. More recently, his work with Chromatone resulted in the ‘Evereblast’ project, alongside various other collaborations with luminaries in the Psy Trance world.

Apart from producing music, DJ Celli is a constant on the touring circuit, disseminating his distinct psychedelic trance style across the globe. He is especially active during the summers and at the beginning of the year in Goa, India.

Celli has also been at the helm of the Zero1 Music label, managing and directing its trajectory. His commitment to the music industry remains unwavering, as seen from his consistent involvement in it. He recently released his fourth album titled “Interstellar Moonshine,” which has received widespread acclaim, offering tracks adaptable for a range of performance timings.

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