Our Minds Festival 2023

Greetings to our OM family.

The time has finally arrived for us to once again meet under the stars, amongst the misty mountains of Du Toits Kloof.

A time to once again embark on a three day adventure of exploring new dimensions of experience through the cosmic dance we have all come to love and adore endlessly through all the years of fellowship in the sacred ritual which is our beloved psychedelic trance experience.

We welcome you all , our existing Our Minds Family and newcomers to our exclusive underground musical experience, into the sacred mysteries of consciousness expanding active meditation through moving and grooving to the rhythms of some of the best local and international artists we are fortunate enough to work with and have the support of.

We have some incredible new developments in regards to Decor and a Massive local and international line up that is sure to get everyone as excited as we are, will this be our best production yet? Absolutely!

This year something very exciting is taking place, we are collaborating with the Kunayala Productions team from Portugal, who are an events company hosting Forest Soul Gathering which is an incredible Psychedelic Festival in Portugal , hosted every second year.

Our new venue is the incredibly beautiful, lush and mystical Du Kloof Lodge.