Hippie Mafia

Hippie Mafia

Hippie Mafia is a prominent Psytrance duo hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. The team is made up of Josh Schachat and Daniel Peimer, who have been friends since their childhood years. Their foray into the realm of psytrance started in 2012 when they began producing under the moniker “Double Story.”

With time, they evolved and established themselves as critical players in the South African Psytrance scene. What sets them apart is their distinctive “New Age Funk” style, characterized by delightful harmonics coupled with vibrant basslines. Their music is recognized for infusing warmth and emotion, leading listeners on entrancing trance journeys. Some of their notable tracks include “Splish Splash,” “Dirty Dancing,” and “Soul Surgery.” Their album “Circus of Misfits” is a testament to their prowess, seamlessly blending elements of electronica and psychedelia.

Hippie Mafia’s increasing fame has seen them share stages with renowned acts like Major 7, GMS, and Ghost Rider. Their talent has been showcased internationally, with headlining gigs in countries such as India, Australia, and Brazil. Furthermore, their performances have been featured at major festivals like Rage Festival and Twilight Open Air Festival and have made a significant mark in iconic venues like Truth Nightclub and Carfax.

One of their standout tracks, “Wormhole Wobble,” was crafted in collaboration with Portal, further emphasizing their originality and contribution to elevating the psy trance genre. As they continue to rise in the global psytrance scene, Hippie Mafia promises an exhilarating future for their fans and festival-goers.

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