Protoculture, christened Nate Raubenheimer, is a luminary in the world of electronic music hailing from South Africa. Embarking on his musical journey with an academic foundation in Audio Engineering, Raubenheimer soon carved a niche for himself with his distinctive melodic and uplifting compositions.

His nascent musical endeavors were rooted in the local Psytrance scene. However, with his unwavering passion for music and a penchant for evolution, Protoculture did not remain confined to a single genre or locale. He started captivating international audiences, gracing major festivals and super clubs with his presence, and his energetic live performances soon became the stuff of legends.

Collaborations played a pivotal role in Protoculture’s musical metamorphosis. Working with some of the most illustrious DJs and musicians, he transitioned his musical style, always ensuring that his unique sonic signature remained unmistakable. Such endeavors have culminated in albums that resonated globally, with works like “Refractions” and “Love Technology” being notable mentions.

His artistry found resonance with premier record labels in the music industry. Armada Records, Anjuna Beats, and Rebrand Records are just a few of the prestigious imprints that have showcased Protoculture’s music. Further testament to his prowess was the recognition he received from the creme de la creme of DJs worldwide.

Demonstrating his ability to transcend genre barriers, Protoculture received a coveted SAMA nomination for his remix of Goldfish’s track, “Cruising Through.” Additionally, his collaboration with Max Graham on the remix of Grace’s “It’s Not Over” skyrocketed to the pinnacle of the Beatport charts, an affirmation of his inimitable style and talent.

As he continues his ascendancy in the global music panorama, enthusiasts and aficionados are abuzz with anticipation for the forthcoming event by Godskitchen in South Africa, where Protoculture is set to share the stage with other eminent artists like Gareth Emery and Dash Berlin.

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