The Pleiadians, as an offshoot of Etnica, have significantly contributed to the world of Goa and psychedelic trance. Their music, particularly from the mid-to-late 90s, is celebrated for its intricate melodies and distinct style. Despite the changes and evolutions in their lineup and musical direction, they remain a seminal group in the trance music scene.

The Pleiadians project was born from label constraints, which led the group to explore a more sci-fi influenced trance music domain. Their debut album, “Identified Flying Object,” received wide acclaim and became emblematic of their particular genre. Other notable releases from Pleiadians include “7even Sister7” (2006) and their involvement in Etnica’s offshoot project with Lotus Omega, Crop Circles, resulting in singles such as “Full Mental Jackpot” and “Lunar Civilization” (1997) and the album “Tetrahedron” (2008).

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