Magnus Claussen, known by his stage name iTone, is an artist whose presence is steadily growing in the music industry, particularly in the psytrance scene. The information available about him is limited, reflecting a mysterious aura that surrounds many artists in this genre.

iTone is associated with Solar Tech Records, a record label from Germany. Solar Tech Records is known for its psytrance, progressive, and trance artists, indicating that iTone is likely involved in these genres as well.

Additionally, iTone is linked with another artist known as Geometric Flux in a collaboration called “Tall Tales“.

Lastly, iTone is also connected to Nano Records, a record label specializing in psychedelic trance music. He contributed to their compilation album “A Taste of South African Psychedelics”, further cementing his involvement in the South African psytrance scene.

While the available information about Magnus Claussen, a.k.a iTone, is sparse, it is clear that he is an active member of the psytrance community, collaborating with other artists and contributing to compilation albums. His associations with well-known labels such as Solar Tech Records and Nano Records suggest that he is a respected artist in the genre.

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