Luca-Kaya is a young psytrance DJ and producer originating from South Africa. His initiation into the world of psychedelic music started early, growing up surrounded by the lush garden routes of South Africa and exposed to the dynamic South African psychedelic scene, the enchanting beaches of Goa, and the awe-inspiring Manali mountains. Luca-Kaya’s professional odyssey began at just 16 years old, when he performed his initial DJ sets at prominent festivals such as AfrikaBurn and Vortex Open Source. These early experiences laid the foundation for his involvement in the once flourishing Cape Town indoor scene, perfecting his craft at legendary venues like Reset and Wonderland, while simultaneously establishing himself as a regular on the outdoor festival scene, gracing stages at Vortex, Freaky Forest, Southern Tipsy, and Our Minds Festival.

At the age of 17, Luca-Kaya embarked on his inaugural Goa season, a transformative journey that reshaped his understanding of psychedelic music. He ventured to famed locales like Dream Beach, Disco Valley, Shiva Place/Valley, Origens, UV Bar, and Hilltop, all while developing a deep affection for the Chapora lifestyle and Indian culture. Unfortunately, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated his return to South Africa, a development that, serendipitously, allowed him to concentrate on music production and sound design.

Currently in his early twenties, Luca-Kaya is meticulously working towards creating a live set and has already collaborated with notable artists such as Psydewise, Shadow Shaman, Tystix, and Thew, to name a few. He is presently available for DJ set bookings and track releases on compilations, with an eagerly awaited live set on the horizon.

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