Filteria, also known as Jannis Tzikas, began his voyage into music under the influence of “Distance to Goa” at the age of 13. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1983, Jannis discovered the allure of psychedelic music in 1996 through Goatrance compilations. Mesmerized by their energy, he assembled his equipment and, after five years of experimentation, launched his psychedelic project in 2003.

His music, although rooted in the 80s and Greek traditions, provides joy and therapeutic sensations to its listeners. This Stockholm-based producer is renowned for his distinct brand of intense melodic psychedelic trance.

Outside of his music, Jannis cherishes video games, films, and series during breaks and places significant emphasis on supporting loved ones and pursuing happiness, as advised by his mother. He dreams of teleportation for everyone and believes in spirituality through music. The psytrance scene, in his perspective, should return to its roots, with a focus on preserving its uniqueness.

In 2023, Filteria performed for the first time in Goa, India. He also performed at VooV Experience and Shankra Festival.

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